All Saints Cemetery - A Sea of Crosses

All Saints is a VERY Catholic cemetery in Des Plaines, IL. This graveyard is a newer one, the oldest people in it having been born in the 1850's. It's still active and there are many very young people buried in here...children who lived a day, a girl who died before her senior year in high school. This cemetery also describes the affluence of those interred here. Bas relief and etching is a main feature of this place, aside from the numerous depictions of Jesus and Mary. While there are some angels, they aren't as frequent as in other cemeteries I've been in. Most noticeable are the far as you can see, lines of them stand like soldiers. A gorgeous mic size cemetery, this one is definitely worth a visit for its breathtaking artistry.

A wonderful rendition of the classic Pieta

This monument is for a boy who died just before his fourth birthday. Beanies and little toys were left in the crook of the statue below its chin. The inscription on the front says"There was a little bird" a touching and haunting devotion to this boy whose life was cut short.
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