Bohemian National Cemetery

This burial ground is a sizeable one, with a good amount of statuary. While it doesn't have the variety of monuments the way like Lakeview, it does have some striking angels and a weathered look to the statues that makes you feel like you are in an older cemetery. Another statuary feature I find intriguing is the amount of Soldier statues for those who went to war.Most of the graves here seem to be from the late 1800's and early 1900's, but people are still being buried here and there is lots of space.

One striking aspect that I find both touching and chilling, is that so many headstones have old photos of the deceased upon them, a reminder that yes indeed, these were real people.....lovely victorian looking women, proud looking men, happy children. All staring back at you.

A creepy thing in particular about Bohemian National is the obvious tower for the crematorium. They do everything themselves here. The gates are impressive, the mauseoleum is beautiful, the grounds are well kept. While lots of the inscription on the monuments are not in English, you can still figure out the age and year of death on the headstones. This place is definitely worth a few visits, it's hard to take it all in at once.

One of the loveliest statues in the whole complex is this lady with the star on her forehead, holding a wreath of flowers and taking on the pose of offering a sprig to the deceased below. This pose is the default among most of the statues here.

Another familiar pose worn by
a beautifully weathered sculpture.
Many of the states here appear to be sandstone, or a softer stone that wears easily.

Crossroads somewhere in the middle of the cemetery.....

There's more to see....
please choose your path

walk in the shadows

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