Erie St. Cemetery

Erie St. is tiny, but has some very old graves. It's surrounded by the buildings of the Downtown Cleveland area, not far from Jacobs Field. Many of the gravestones have been blackened with soot, due to the fact that Cleveland is a steel producing town. This effect is pretty cool, actually, giving Erie St. a dark charm that other cemeteries lack. The graves here are victorian primarily, no statues, and only a couple crypts. The stones are worn...sadly, many of them are sandstone and are best read by rubbings.

The oldest and most beautiful tombstone at Erie was for someone who didn't even live in Cleveland for most of his life. A war veteran, he died of 87.

Views of one of the crypts.....

An example of
some of the
soot blackened monuments....

There's more to see....
please choose your path
walk in the shadows

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