Graceland Cemetery

Graceland is HUGE, and you could easily spend all day there trying to see everything. The grounds are well kept, but some of the smaller statues, being made out of limestone and the like, are decaying and may be missing arms or even heads. For the most part though, this is the well-to-do cemetery. There is an entire section that represents the wealthy families of chicago, such as people whom streets were named after. Their monuments far exceed the wealth of most of those that I'd seen in Lakeview Cemetery. The grandness of scale and intricate detail of specific crypt and statues make any visit to Graceland a memorable one.

This enigmatic bronze statue haunting the landscape is one of the most famous, so I've been told. It's just as eerie from far away
as it is in the
closeup at right.
This grouping of three suggests thoughts of vampires in my head, with the heavy coffin-like monuments with crosses atop them, and the biblical passages carved in gothic writing around the bottom edges.
This is what happens when lovely statues are made of non-durable material. The angel on the left had one of her wings clipped and is missing hands. The angel on the right had her forearm amputated and her wings weathered. Nonetheless, even in the decayed, weathered state of statuary such as them, there is still beauty
and majesty to be found.
It's just a shame that
they weren't built to last.
Ok, this one was just amusing.
There's more to see....
please choose your path

walk in the shadows

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