Lakeview - Garden of the Dead

Lakeview is the oldest and largest cemetery in the Cleveland area. It is also a magnificent garden...there any many trees cultivated here that you wouldn't find growing just anywhere. This impressive garden for the dead is home to a lot of very important, famous (and awfully rich) people. Rockefeller is buried here and has the tallest monument--a huge white obelisk. Pres. Garfield's mauseleoum is the only thing larger, and it jutts like an enormous castle from the cover of trees. Eliot Ness, who brought down Al Capone and the Torso murderer has a modest but well marked grave. But, most touching and impressive of all is the Wade monument. A massive pillar with an angel atop it, this monument must have been the largest of its day. Standing at the base, you can see that it commands the best view of the entire area. All this for Rebecca Louiza Wade, who died when she was only 24. Jeptha Wade, her obviously loving husband, is greatly responsible for the existence of Lakeview. He is buried between Rebecca and his later wife.Visit for yourself, in this silent place. It may be quiet, but it can tell many a story.

Views of
the Wade Monument in Fall (left) and Winter (right)

This bronze angel keeping watch on the Haserot plot is the most famous sculpture
in the entire graveyard. Numerous pictures
and postcards have been taken of it.

There's more to see....
please choose your path
walk in the shadows

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