Rosehill Cemetery - A Silent City

The thing that struck me most about my first visit to Rosehill was the massive
amount of area this cemetery covered, and the mammoth spread of the
mauseoleum. The mauseoleum houses the dead from as far back as the mid
1800's and is like a giant, cold maze of marble corridors...many of which were dark.
The striking and chilling beauty of the cells housing the bodies of the deceased
is something you don't forget easily. Almost all are decorated with exquisite
stained glass windows.

Ashes are interred here as well, both inside the mauseoleum in cupboards and outside
in short walls. And beyond, stretch what seem like endless miles of grass and stone.
One visit is not enough to capture the spirit of this place, so I will be adding more photos very soon.

Back Entrance to the Mauseoleum, at the older end.

My photography does not do any justice to these gorgeous glass windows, unfortunately. Visitation is truly necessary to gaze upon the real beauty of the stained glass.
Giving off an eerie violet light that can be seen throughout this particular cell,
this window was one of the most original and beautiful.

Not far from the mauseoleum stands a special area called the .
This garden is framed by an unfortunately cheaply built archway, but
inside features the lovely pagoda and monument (left picture) as well as a colorful
tribute to the deceased. Please note that the gravestone pictures at right is painted.
There's more to see....please choose your path
walk in the shadows

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