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Things of interest to me:
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Welcome To My Home Page
Relatively uninteresting stuff about me:
I am a graduate of Lincolnview High School, in Van Wert, Ohio.  It is one of the smaller school in the state, with 75 studens graduating in the class of 2000.  While I was there I was big into sports.  At one time or another I was on the golf team, well I golfed; I was on the baseball team; was on the basketball team; and ran cross-country, and track.
I currently attend
Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and major in video Production.  I hope to some day edit a major motion picture and win an Oscar.
At home I have three sisters: Chelsea, Kylie, and Katie.  There is an Old English Sheep Dog, Baxter, and a few cats. 
Last updated: 5/16/02
Sceens of Athens
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