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Its gone, but heres a broken link for you,cool!
:: NEWS 7/31/03::
Even though its cancelled,Im uploading a newer version of ZetaWars. My current project is still in production. Having a lot of troubles with it. More pixel art added with new layout. It just so happens its my birthday tomorrow too.
:: NEWS 8/21/03::
Check out the games section and play SEIZURE TIME!. Im trucking today. GhostFire is completed but I think I want to add more levels. Ive also started a new project. So Im bound to release something this week. BTW If you want to get linked e-mail meh.
G.F.  is done so download it or not or whatever and. Working on some new shtuff now. That is all.
:: NEWS 9/7/03::
:: NEWS 9/?/03::
Added a link. Tweaked something in Zeta-Wars,when you died it took to long to restart,so its a lot shorter now. The pixels are temporarily down. Im going to update it later on this week.
Finally, an update. Working on and off on  a new sidescrolling battle game.  Going along pretty well except for the a.i., which has
been acting unusual.  I'll be sure to update the sprites page either today or tomorrow.  A little info on the game:
o Stealth Implemented
o Shootouts
o A.I. in the works (decent so far, my best yet)
o Possible multiplayer option! (stealth multiplayer, weee!)
o Things you havent seen in a freeware game before
:: NEWS 9/?/03::
:: NEWS 4/29/04::
Damn, Its been like 8 months.  Ive been busy on other stuff.  Sorry.  Probably lost all the viewers, oh well.  Just here to say that during summer vacation Im going to release a game.  I got a new e-mail addy if you wanna contact me too.
:: NEWS 11/6/04::
Ok ok I really am making games again for sure. Im starting to work on a game that I abandoned at its turning out good.  Im updating the gameplay and the gfx to my current skill level (since it was such a long time ago).  Basically its a top-down 2 player deathmatch but its going to be a lot more unique then it sounds.  Its about 30% completed. Screen coming soon I suppose. Im also going to upload another abondoned game
later on.  Check back here every now and then for updates!!!!!!!
Game Maker
:: NEWS 11/14/04::
THRAX UPDATED, go to game section. Current game going fine.
:: NEWS 7/9/05::
Yea its been a while, a long while.  HOWEVER, Theres a couple new games in the games section!  They are both pretty old, dated around 2001-2002.  One of them Im sure youve played(maybe not).  The other one made a brief apearance on the internet, go check it out. Plus 1 more old game to be added!
:: NEWS 7/25/05::
Ok.  Im making a game based on an old a.i. demo I made.  Its gonna be awesome.  Also, I added another game to the games section. 
:: NEWS 8/18/05::
The game is moving fast and its awesome.  I have decided to name it 'Retribution II', a sequal to my old crappy RTS game.  For info and a demo, go here: Retribution 2
All games by James L., also published under 'company' name T.U.G.A.(The Ultimate Gaming Archive)
:: NEWS 5/31/06::
Been working on this on and off.  Well apparently, off for 9 months, on as of yesterday :$.  Cant believe its been that long.  The game is going well actually.  Pretty cool.  Its the summer so I figured Id finnish it now that I have too much time on my hands. 

If youve sent me anything in the last 9 months please resend.  Please direct all hate mail to said address.  Thank you.

Retribution 2
Game Previews
:: NEWS 5/31/06::
My PC game masterpiece R2 is finally being worked on again.  After having to juggle  work, school, homework, and having absolutely no days off to do nothing, I have degenerated once more into a lazy slob.  I mean damn, would it be so much to ask for one day off?  But anyway, the game is going great, I just need to make another unit or two and some technical stuff, levels, programing and tweeking, the basic engine is complete.