Fort Campbell
We are a smaller division of Operation Military Pride, located at Fort Campbell, KY.  We are here to provide information and support our soldiers and their families.  We do our best to boost the soldiers moral and spirits by letting them know they are not forgotten.  We send cards, care packages, and letters to those deployed overseas as well as do public events to allow people a chance to get out and show their support.
Operation Military Pride is also the sponsor for
Operation Yellow Ribbon, our national rally in Washington DC and other local rallies, where we gather and show support for our military.
Fort Campbell Homepage
Army Family Team Building
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Help to get care packages over to our deployed by donating to Operation Military Pride.  If you are donating for the care packages I send out please be sure to specify it's for the Ft. Campbell's OMP.  You can also specify if the money is to be used to purchase items or to mail packages.  Thank you!!
Help OMP Ft. Campbell Raise Funds
For a reserve price, I will spend ONE FULL DAY in either patriotic or camo colors (winner decides) from HEAD TO TOE. I'm talking spray painting hair, body paint, nails, the works. I'll go out to different places and have pictures taken of the entire day and will share. Not only will this help to get boxes out to those deployed from Ft. Campbell, but will also promote what all we do through OMP for our military.  You can go to http://messageboards.operationmilitarypride.org/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=199;t=000013 to place a bid.
Operation Holiday Toy
Helping deployed Military get toys to their children for the holidays

If you have children and your husband or wife is deployed and you would like some help this holiday with gifts for children please fill this out below and send to Armywife2@aol.com


Children's name(s)/age
clothing size:

cartoon character
game to play
sport team
any pets?
any hobbies?
any collections?
does he/she play sports?  if yes, which?
Top 3 things they would like for the holiday