Endomiel - Goddess of Evil
Goddess of Evil
Hi people!
Thanx for cheking my site!
I updates the pics! there are like, 5 pics there now! *gasp* and i know i haven' been updateing anything in a long, long while, but i'm working on it okay! anyway, i' just here to say hi! and i'e desided to write a litle something here at least every week, so you guys can see how i'm doing and stuff like that. Anywayz, i'm doing fine, a bit confused and mixed up, but alltogether fine. And hungry, but that's normal. The highschool fic' coming along okay, i' at the 2nd lunchbreak, and the life fic is almost done, i just have to insert a few more songs and make the plot a bit better. BTW, did you know that elven marriges lat FOR EVER? Well, i didn't, untill Elvea read "Morgoth's Ring" and told me the wohle thing. Screwed up my Highschool plot completely, but it' restored now. There are some other things about elven marriges that you fan fiction readers/writers should know, but I'll put them up on my site as soon as i get the time, okay? Well, i'm running out of space now, so NamariŽ!
P.S.: okay, i don' seem to be getting any e-mails about the site. Is my site perfect? i don't think so. Feedback people, Feedback!
25/11: wow! it's been exactly 3 monts since i've updated the site! How evil of me :o) anyway, i updated the pics section, lots of new pics up, so go check it out!
25/8: I've put a few dolls up, i hope you guys like them. I thought, as long as i can't scan my drawings, i can use dolls. Enjoy!
New page about my new fic's up, go check it out! Have been drawing quite a lot of pics lately, i'l put them up later this week, Okay?
Story Update:
25/11: i know, i know, no story updates for a long, long time now, but i'm working on it! i swear! anyway, elvea' new chapter was launched somewhere last week, so for everybody who hasn' read that yet, READ!
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oh well...
You know, if you guys would visit more often, the number on the counter would be higher! (*hint*hint*hint*)
Okay people, this girl, Endomiel, she's mine, mine i tell you!! lol Same for the pics on this site, i drew them all myself and i'd really appreciate it if you guys wouldn't steal my character(s) or my pics or anything like that. You can borrow her/them, just mail me. I just want her back in original state and undamaged! Oh well, you guys'll get it,
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