Exotic Newcastle Disease END Material Resources
END Material Resources
compiled by Jim Adlhoch, RN, MA
Over the last several weeks I have been lecturing to groups throughout southern California on basic biosecurity methods for Exotic Newcastle Disease (END). Questions have arisen regarding sources for the materials neeeded. This has been especially important because the USDA and CDFA have listed guidelines that must be in place for effective biosecurity. Strong disinfectants, etc., are not easily found at the local grocery store.

Sadly, there is a veterinarian in southern California who has chosen to market the necessary materials, simple as they may be, for significant profit. These "END Anti-virus Kits" are grossly overpriced, and have lead some to not have ANY biosecurity measures in place thinking that they could not afford it. I do not want anyone to go without biosecurity because they didn't have the many hundreds of dollars this vet is charging for materials that are easily found for far less. That is why many people, myself included, donate their time and resources to educate people on the materials they need in order that everyone is empowered to end this horrid disease.

Below is a list of the sources I have used for basic materials. I will update the list as I find other sources. This is not an exhaustive list, but a very good starting point. Please feel free to email me at
jimadlhoch@earthlink.net if there are any questions.
VirkonS - This is probably the most important piece of equipment. The 10# tub makes over 120 gallons of powerful disinfectant. It is also one of the official disinfectants listed in the CDFA guidelines. It only lasts a week once mixed, but this will provide 1 gallon per week for over two years for a footbath and/or spray. Click on the picture to bring up the vendor page for the product. I have found American Livestock Supply to be the least expensive. It runs around $61 plus ~$5 shipping and handling to southern California. It is currently on sale for $55.33! This is certainly a wise investment. VirkonS can retail for over $100, so this pricing is phenominal! American Livestock Supply can also be reached at 800-356-0700. I have had very good luck with these folks.
Smart and Final - The retail stores (and online, too, at www.smartandfinal.com) are a great source for inexpensive items. Their housebrand hand-wash, similar to Purell, is wonderful. They also have grey bussing boxes with lids to use as foot bath pans (use an "Astroturf" type door mat in the pan to get matter off the bottoms and sides of shoes). The lids help to keep out extraneous matter when not in use and cut down on evaporation. (Remember, VirkonS needs to be changed at least weekly, or more often if lots of organic matter is coming off your shoes). The pan and lid, with tax, is around $10.80 - a VERY good deal, indeed! They also have industrial absorbent pads to use after stepping in the foot bath. Heavy duty spray bottles are also available at low prices.

Surgical Shoe Covers - These are invaluable to keep in your car, and to provide to folks who must enter your home but cannot remove their shoes (for Cal OSHA safety reasons). There are some bird supply stores that do not have biosecurity measures (shame on them!), but if you HAVE to purchase something there, you can apply these covers and removed them on leaving the store. If you are in an area where you are not sure of contamination, put the covers on. The source I have used has a good price for a box of 100 covers (50 pair) at $12. These also have non-skid on the bottom to reduce the chance of slipping. The vendor I use is SafeMed - fast service as well.

Nolvasan Disinfectant - I haven't used this, but it is one of the recommended disinfectants. From anecdotal conversations It is supposed to be less irritating. There are several vendors out there. PBS Animal Health, Animart, and others. You can also perform a Google search for "Nolvasan Gallon" and quite a few vendors will appear.

Amphyl Disinfectant Soap
- I don't use this particular disinfectant, but is advertised by the veterinarian who is marketing it as part of the overpriced END Anti-Virus kit. I have found a great vendor who also has FREE shipping. It is Janitorial & Cleaning Supply. It is currently on sale at $63.47 per gallon, regularly $84.94.Please note that this vendor is in California, for those not comfortable purchasing from the state.

Educational Resources
- There are many fine resources out there. Considering the gravity of the END situation, people have been donating time and resources to empower everyone who is affected by this crisis. Believe it or not, the vet marketing END Anti-Virus kits will impart this information only if you pay for it at inflated prices. This is an extreme emergency and that attitude is wrong. The wonderful folks at www.Cocka2.com have done an amazing job at compiling information from many sources including the USDA, CDFA, UC Davis, etc., along with news reports, stories, photographs, statistics, etc. Education is empowerment and they have certainly risen to the occasion. There are links on their site to the official CDFA and USDA sites and policies and I would encourage everyone to spend time learning and putting the education into practice.
There is a link from the Biosecurity page from Cocka2.com which has links to other sources for disinfectants. To access that page, click Here.

Please contact me at
jimadlhoch@earthlink.net for questions or concerns. Thanks!