Splitters Creek Bundy

Standardbred - Arabian cross

bay/brown gelding, foaled Oct 2002


Splitters Creek Bundy 

Being vetted at the Widgee Endurance Ride, July 2008

Catherine McAlpine of Splitters Creek Arabians graciously sent me a young gelding to train for endurance.

Splitters Creek Bundy is a bay/brown 15hh boy, by Splitters Creek Fortitude, out of Splitters Creek Claire (standardbred). He will be 6 years old in October this year.

Bundy has really taken to endurance, and has a calm nature but a competitive streak. In training he is easy to deal with, but doesn't like other horses passing him much! :-)

He has done 1 x 40km and 2 x 80km rides so far, with good results and low heartrates. His trotting action is pretty extreme in the Vet Ring, and is commented upon constantly. His hock action is very high and pretty, and he always looks great! At his first pre-ride Vetting it was remarked that he should be in a dressage arena as his hock action was just beautiful!  And he is sure smart, too.  During the ride his rider asked him to block another gelding from running up beside him a couple of times.  After the first 2 times, this boy started blocking the offending horse all by himself!

I'm really pleased to have Bundy here at Splendacrest, and look forward to taking this young fellow through his next few rides for Catherine. Thanks Catherine, for your trust in Splendacrest!

Jay Randle, Splendacrest Endurance Training, Queensland

Splitters Creek Bundy  and Renae Kuhn

Widgee Endurance Ride, July 2008


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