Im Not Shy (Lady)

Armbro Best (USA) - Dernier (NZ) - Knowing Bret (USA)

bay mare, foaled Oct 1994

pacer - 4 starts - $0


Lady and Jo Brock

Grampians Endurance Ride, Feb 2004
Photo: Main Event Photography

Lady was conceived as the result of a raffle win at the Gawler Harness Racing Association annual cabaret. She raced only four times as a pacer and was retired as too slow. 

She was subsequently sold to Kate Traeger, and the pair of them started out together in endurance in 2000, qualifying as open endurance horse and rider by the end of the year and completing 400kms in open endurance competition.

In 2001, Lady was SA Distance Horse of the Year (MWT), and Runner-Up Points Horse of the Year. During this year, the pair had successfully completed 9 open rides, including a 5th placing in the South Australian Endurance Riders Association State Championships hundred-miler (160km ride), and winning a couple of 80km rides. 

I bought Lady in 2002, and she continued successfully completing many rides, racking up over 2000kms in total career distance. A tendon injury in 2006 forced a spell and she was put in foal to Anvil Lad, producing a beautiful filly in Dec 2007.

Lady certainly stands out on the endurance circuit, especially considering the sport is dominated by petite and pretty arabians. She stands 16.3 hands, has size 7 feet, and, to put it tactfully, is not of classical conformation. Her big head, large ears, short neck, small forequarter, long back and small hindquarter make her unmistakeable (no Fine Cotton scandals here). She has a rather distinctive gait too -  interstate riders have nicknamed her “The Tarantula” due to the way her legs seem to fly in all directions.

In endurance rides, she trots and she trots and she trots her way around the courses, reluctant to change gait to a canter for a change. You can hear her coming for kilometres. In the vet ring we often draw a small crowd, and the smiles on their faces aren’t just because we vet in.

But I love her and she has the strongest legs, the kindest eyes and the biggest heart I’ve ever had in a horse.

Jo Brock, Victoria

Lady and Kate Traegar

SA State Championships, Sept 2001
Photo: Luke Steele

Lady and Jo Brock

VIC State Championships, Oct 2005
Photo: Derek O'Leary


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