Pepperell Osca

Wesgate Victory (USA) - Genia -  Golden Greek (USA)

black/brown gelding, foaled Dec 2001

pacer - trialled only - $0


Pepperell Osca and Jo Brock

Photo: Glen Kennedy

Osca was well and truly qualified to race, having trialled successfully several times. However the trainers were unable to solve his knee-knocking problem so he was retired from racing before he began.  As the knee-knocking was only a problem while pacing at speed on the tight bends of a racetrack, Osca was considered sound enough to try an endurance career.

Not long after commencing education under saddle, Osca placed in a couple of 20km navigation rides in early 2008. He then progressed to successfully completing a couple of 40km training rides, at the same time learing how to camp, cross rivers and bridges, climb hills etc. At 16.3hh, he has such a big long stride that he seems to do the distance effortlessly while other horses around are doing nearly double the number of steps to keep up, and to date his heart rate has not indicated he is too big for endurance (which is sometimes the case with big horses).

He is currently having a spell while he attends to his new important job of playing Uncle to Lady's foal.

Jo Brock, Victoria

Osca and my son Mikey

Reflections - Osca and My Friend Jack

Newstead-Maldon Endurance Ride, May 2008

Photo: Andrea Howell, Endeavour Images


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