Under a Shooting Star Farm

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Under a Shooting Star Farm was founded in 1996 when the Buchanan Rd property was purchased. Shortly afterwards, the Hale-Bopp comet was hanging right over the barn like it was painted there.

Previously, the business had been known as Rountree Arabians. After the death of founder, Bob Rountree, the horses were moved around a bit before finding a home here. At Bobís funeral, the minister referred to him as a shooting star that just flashed through our lives. That coupled with the comet gave our home its name.

Under a Shooting Star is currently home to quite a menagerie. We have seven horses, nine dogs, nine cats, and two dwarf rabbits, and of course, David and Maggie Herlensky. The horses include Secret, a saddle bred mare, Shadow, a ĺ Arab ľ saddle bred gelding, Lucky, an Arab/quarter cross gelding and hand-raised orphan, Jazzy, a Morab mare, Lily and Kasey, Arabian mares, and Bubba, a Morgan gelding. All are experienced lesson and endurance/CTR horses.

The dogs are a variety of rescue cases. Those available for adoption are:  Sadie, a four-year-old hound/shepherd cross, her son Sammy, who is two years old and mixed with something brown, Cujo, a Rottweiler, Otis, a black collie/lab/something about one year old, and Cassie, a black lab/bulldog mix. Sadie, Cassie, and Cujo are housetrained (well, mostly).

There are five kittens ranging in age from four to seven months also available. There are two torties, two black males, and an apricot female. All are affectionate housecats.

Visitors are welcome here, but please call ahead. David and Maggie are both busy healthcare workers and donít work normal schedules. Click here for contact information.


Some images provided by www.virtualhorses.com