Dubz '74 Gran Torino

all throttle, no bottle

1974 Ford Gran Torino

An ongoing work in progress, although she is currently hibernating.

I picked her up in the spring of 2001, she had been sitting in a driveway with a cheap tarp over her for the past 5 or 6 years.  She looked bad to the owner, but to me she looked beautiful.  I knew the owner and asked if  she could be convinced into selling it, and she said she would love to get it  out of her driveway.

I was hoping to get her on the road by 2003 but I may be purchasing another vehicle. Then when I get a more than minimum wage job, and I'm no longer going to University, I can devote more money towards having everything done "the right way", which always seems to be the "expensive" way as well.

Modifications so far Include :

Modifications To Be Done Soon Include :

Hopeful Modifications Include :

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