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Dear Fraters,
    Welcome to the Second Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni News Letter from your Alumni association.  If you missed the first one don't worry everything will be summarized again.  The purpose of this letter is to help us stay in contact with each other.  To share news about our lives and plan activities so we get together on a regular basic.  
    Rand and I have been working to put together a spreadsheet of all the brother's names,addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  I would like to have everyone send me an e-mail to Bob Briggs at with their name, address, phone number and e-mail address.  This way I will check the spreadsheet and make sure the info I have is correct.  Also please forward this to any brother you do not see on the list.  This is very important so please respond as soon as possible. 
    This is the 10 anniversary of the Sigma Kappa chapter RCB and the under grads are working hard to make sure it will be a great time for the Alumni.  I want to make sure the info is correct so no one is left out.  I will also be sending out letters to anyone who does not respond.  So please save me some time and money and send me a quick e-mail.
    The next Alumni activity is January 9.  The Merrimack Hockey Team  verses UML at 2:00pm at Merrimack.  After the game I am hoping we can go to the 99 for a drink to celebrate a win and founder's Day since founder's day is the 10th.   
       If you would like to write a news letter or a paragraph just let me know.  Also let me know is anything exciting happens so I can share your good news with the rest of the Chapter.
    Ray and Kira Parker have a new son Isaac
   Rob and Heidi Marshall
    Aaron Cramer
    Bob Briggs
    Kevin Routhier
    Matt LaChapelle
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                                                                     Yours in the Bond,
                                                                                                   Bob Briggs

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