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engineering have spearhead the need to establish expertise that will take up the challenges to acquire and achieve sound solutions for today’s industrial requirement.

At Energycomms, we concentrate our core business on conceptual design studies, establish consultancy services and provide supervision support to Project Management Contractors in accomplishing task involving Electrical Safety as well as schemes associated to Communications Systems. Like many consultancy firm, today we have both great challenges and tremendous opportunities to meet the demand




In era of energy efficiency and the advent of wireless communication

Ir. T. Prabakaran Rajah



 of tomorrow’s future.

It is in our interest to achieve safe and sound practises for benefit of our communities as well as to maintain a competitive business player throughout Malaysia. We fully understand our responsibilities to meet the demands set by the regulators and authorities to protect public safety, health and the environment.  Energycomms was established in Nov 2001 as Sole proprietorship owned by  Ir. T. Prabakaran Rajah.  He has been actively occupied with various Power and Communications projects involving both Government and Private sector companies for a period not less than 10 years. His background experiences covers Substations Power Hydro Station, Transmission lines, Underground cables, High rise building, Manufacturing process plant, Electrified Railway Track, Telecommunications, Control and Instrumentation systems as well as Distribution Control and Scada Management


Ever since 1994, he was given the privilege to work together with world-renowned Consultants especially from Hydro-Quebec International (Canada) and Black Veatch International (USA) during the implementation of the Malaysia’s 1st 500kV Transmission and Substation Development projects. The total span covers the distance of 520km along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia with six (6) new Substations operating at One and Half Breaker scheme which was first of its kind here in Malaysia

He graduated from Nottingham Trent University, UK and holds a bachelor Electronic and Electrical Engineering Degree with Honours. Currently, he holds two Professional certificates from the Board of Engineers (Malaysia) and Institutions of Engineers (Malaysia).








Ir. T. Prabakaran Rajah has attained another Professional Certificate of Competency for Electrical Competent Engineer with restriction up to 275kV from the Department of Electricity Supply and Gas, Malaysia. This type of certification is normally issued to Professional Engineer who has gained sufficient knowledge and experience in field of supervision and installation works involving Live apparatus, which includes adhering to all safety and health regulations described by Local Authorities like DOSH, ST, TNB and etc .

At Energycomms, it’s our paramount pledge to meet our accountabilities and responsibilities at every step of the way fulfilling and ensuring our Client’s interest is always met and always ensure the ultimate objective of project is delivered.