Be Mine
All songs written and recorded by Madd Hadher.
(Paul Ankney) Wrote guitar in: Broken Hearts and Mind games.                           Copy Writes 1997
Biting The Bullet
Good Bye
Mind Games
Broken Hearts
Father (I can see)
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I truly miss all you guy's! I hit this site every now and then and listen to the songs. I re-live the memory's and end up feeling down as it's very much of the past. Lee, Russ, Roy and Pat... Thank you for the best years of my life. There's alot of things I wish I could go back and change. We were an outstanding GOOD band. You guy's were the best of friends.  I truly miss this aspect of my life, and all of you.
Hit me up and say "Hi" sometime!

Thank you!
Scott Benton 03/02/08