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Tuesday May 13, 2008:


(Taken from the Bridge 9 website)

Bridge Nine welcomes Energy into the family.

It's been a while since we've announced a new signing, and we're FINALLY,
FINALLY proud to announce that we've officially signed the South Shore's (let's
just say Boston's) very own, Energy.

Energy has been cutting their teeth around the region over the last couple of
years, recording their debut EP Punch The Clock with Jim Siegel at the Outpost.
Following the EP�s release on Rock Vegas Records, they quickly started doing
multiple tours up and down the East coast and into the midwest. Following the
line-up changes that most new bands undergo, the band's lineup recently settled
with singer Tank, guitarists Dan Mancini and Joe Freedman, bassist Conor o'
Brien and recently acquired new drummer, Justin Flaherty. The band has shared
the stage and shows with everyone from Death Before Dishonor to Strike Anywhere,
Modern Life Is War, Agnostic Front, Ignite, Comeback Kid, Crime In Stereo,
Converge, Set Your Goals, and just about everyone in between.

Owner Chris Wrenn said, "One thing at Bridge Nine is that we always listen to
our bands, both past and present, about people to keep an eye on. Two years ago,
we got a phone call from Aram [the man of Champion, Betrayed, and Armenian
descent] saying 'there's this band you need to keep an eye on called
Energy-they're from Boston, so you have no excuse.' After that call, it seemed I
was always watching Energy open for one of our bands and they kept getting
better and better to where we needed to bring them into the fold. They add
something different to the Boston area scene, and we're stoked to have them in
the mix."

Energy enters Q Division studios in two weeks to record their debut full-length
album to be released this fall, as well as an EP this summer. Until new
material hits, you can check out some demos they posted last year at

Also check out their website at
Expect announcements soon about full US touring all summer and fall and it will
continue from there.

Energy's Myspace Page


The Energy Messageboard

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Energy - Punch The Clock E.P.