Destination:- Nerky Jix 19th November @ Palais Royale
Destination:- Hot House 9th January @ Sj's
Hey i know you all wanna see what lurks bckstage, so i have come prepared to venture beyond the crowd and go where all groupies should be lol and take pics of what really goes on backstage! So enjoy the pics i have taken of the lovely lads from Enertia OFFSTAGE!!!
More pics coming soon
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Charming fellas these guys are... lol seriously! But here are the Enertia lads let loose outside SJ's. Be afraid .. be very afraid.
Although only Pax and Kish attended this gig to watch friends DTL, i took advantage of this situation and go snap happy! The result? Very kewl pics.
Destination:- Rock Eisteddfod (Commonwealth Youth National Affairs Battle of the Bands)
11th August 2000 @ Civic Theatre
Pardon my miniscule pics... these are mega oldies!! But i thought i'd put 'em in anyways figuring they were taken backstage and well this is the backstage pics page! Just pop out your magnifying glasses! Sorry to all the Jesse & John fans out there but i didnt take any pics of them. We got booted out lol. Damn kids these days.
i found this pic after i added these on. LOL its a mongy pic i look like a el dweeb-o but eeh its Enertia and i figured i can humilate myself anymore. so yeah here ya go and stop laughing