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Mash Hollow Beagles

 A Handful of the Finest Red & White, Lemon Spotted & Bluetick Beagles





Our primary stud dogs...a couple of old hands and and a couple of young guns.  Ask us about purchasing frozen semen rather than paying to ship your female to the boys.  Frozen semen lasts for generations, so it will be ready whenever you are, now or ten years from now.  For more information and pedigrees, click on one of the links below




  R.P.'sFuzzbuster(Forrest)         Mash Hollow's Copper Mach 3  (Razor)

   Murray's Maximillion                        Mash Hollow's Kemlers Kicker

Or, are you looking for a running beagle or beagle puppy?

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In Memoriam...A Couple of the Pillars of the Mash Hollow Family of Beagles


             Copper                                                    Holly Retrieving

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Beagles and Beagle Puppies for Sale

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