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This web site is dedicated to Mother Goddess Kamakshi and Gurus/saints. They hold the umbrella of protection during a life that is constantly getting enriched by unplanned down pours of immense experiences.

Ammala Gannayama Mugurammala Moolaputamma
Chaala Peddamma Surarulamma Kaduparedi Bucchinayamma
Tannulonammina Velputammala Manmmula Nundediyamma

Durgamayamma Kripabdhi nichchuta Mahatva Kavitva Patutva Sampadal !!

I studied from a simple Govt school, where extra-curricular activities like dancing, singing, gardening, running, NCC, playing tennicoit, volleyball & making temples in mud under bushy trees have been more than studies. My natural senses had their feast in the fresh grass school grounds. I think this set the pattern of my innovative transcendence across different facets of life, in green surroundings and multicultures through various cross sections of the society.

I believe in existence of GOD, the Supreme and know the moments of revelation. Only challenge is for that awareness to enter the human system and to have constant communication with that Supreme energy.

Sentiment ( some times intuition too ) is part of the psychology of a normal woman. Sentiment may be felt baseless by some so called snobbish scientific people with rigid brains of fixed bookish laws and firm notions. Universe is full of immeasurable dimensions of beautiful patterns. I believe real science will always discover a fresh law out of a sentimental uncertainty or a hypothetical saying or in the least have the patience to seek the truth out of anything when it really comes ones way or in the least keep it under consideration for an exploration later on. I notice many people have limited threshold. Unfortunately ignorance is the path they quickly choose. For them life is made of quick human gadgets of artificial intelligence living like sensual animals than human movements of natural serene senses. And as you well agree, innovative life is a balance of uncertain and the certain. It is a cultural chaos when we encounter narrow minded people who miss this important point that is securely embedded amongst the saintly of India. This has been the basis of some important observations that follow.

Some of my sentiments have been well validated through the invaluable interactions with excellent people and experiences of the self. While this is being explored many people came and left in short times as casual flirts without understanding the depth ( I felt very sad and humanly week at such instances for they didn't realize what they are missing on a long run, well GOD knows ), just with surfacial impressions that lacked intensity about a personality. Some others queried my movements just for time pass gossip. Some remained trusting and significant above all general science, just with pure love. They passed messages of welfare, ensuring I was not lost into oblivion or stereotypical society under pressures but developed the patience to continue life with an understanding of an experimenting involved scientist to move to Absolute.

They made me talk and sing when I felt dumb, made me listen to the tunes when the noise was deafening & chaotic, put me to the proximity of healthy food and sleep; all to make sure I relaxed as far as possible to continue my quest. These included the gurus/saints that surrounded me ever since my birth. They appeared in different forms. It seemed initially like an intervention to the society and any normal mind, I started to notice patterns of repetition and accept their role in my life. I guess their unbiased favours offered me a vision special and an experience unique.

Some acquire degrees in schools. From schools of routine, I am made to get to a journey of discovery of a different order. To research the life's events, to identify any clue that can explain it all. It has been an unfolding mystery so far. I am not spiritual in a general sense, but understand every inch of it before I ignore anything in life. I respect elders, and listen with gratitude as long as I sense honesty in their suggestion. Age/gender has less role, I don't live by their words, unless I have a causal knowledge of my own. I am not interested in bookish philosophies and blind faiths but believe my inner experience more than anything. It took me lot of time to realize this. I am a born researcher but of a very different kind. Life to me is to live with awareness and a deep amusement at little things too.

The connection to saints is like a fragrant rural music unknown but comes out deeply felt at intense milestone points. Experience just seems to prove it time and again.The following are some of the collections from a series of events and experiences from my life and still keep happening. I am learning to be a spectator more and more.

Some of our friends and students told me to write as they see me go through this jiv-dance series.You can believe these as miracles or coincidences or discover the patterns to a neo-science that can explain it totally. Miracles need not be always situations that can earn selfish interests but fill anyone with an appreciation to the very basics of life.

Whatever be the conclusion, I acknowledge some, desire to remain grateful to the saints at every grand moment of achievement. While life chisles me to a rare sculpture, the saints seem to care & reflect the divinity within.