Welcome to my website! I've put a lot of work into this over the years and am overjoyed you've come to visit! Feel free to look around. I suspect you'll learn a lot about me.

My home
This is my cyberhome....It's kinda cozy, so I think I'll keep it for a while :)

Pics of me
These are pics of me, well, mostly of me. I've been updating and adding pages, so check back often!

My friends
This is a list of my friends that I've made in cyberspace and in real life...It also includes links to their pages (if they have one)...So go visit them!! :) Friends...PLEASE send me links to your websites if you have them!!!!

Read some of my poems
These are some of my poems...Yes, I was a poet at one time (haven't written much since my late teens, so please keep that in mind)...I'm not sure any of them are good at all, but you can give it a whirl if you want...

My Geneology
See where I come from...Visit my Geneology.com homepage

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