If you would like your link to be included on this list, email me with your name, Farm Name/Rabbitry, what you raise and your website link. We have purchased stock from all of the private sites listed here.


Lionhead Rabbit - This site has a lot of good information about lionheads including the working standard. Also includes a list of breeders with links.

Cimmaron Rabbits- This site belongs to Gail and Sarrah Gibbons from Minnesota. I got my lionhead start from them. There is a lot of good information.

American Rabbit Breeders Association- Sanctions Rabbit Show throughout the US

National Mini Rex Rabbit Club- -This site belongs to Dana Smith from Williamsport, IN. She raises Lionheads and Mini Rex. I have gotten my Fawn and Chestnut Lionheads from her. (Can't get link to work, but you should be able to type in rabbitry name on Google and go from there.)

Somethin'Jumpin' Rabbits - This site belongs to David and Jody Olson. They raise Standard Rex. I have gotten several rabbits from them.


Lyceum Dairy Goats
- This site belongs to Carisa Engel (the other part of Engel Farms) Check out the Nubians, Oberhaslis.

Mortgage-Hill Farm - This site belongs to LaNetta Batts of Colfax, IN. She raises very nice Lamanchas.

Royal Heir Nubians- This site belongs to Cindy Edwards from near Terre Haute, IN. We got several Nubians from her.

IR-Ranch Dairy Goats
- This site belongs to The Herrell family of Galveston, IN. They raise Alpines and Nubians.

American Dairy Goat Association- Registers Dairy Goats

American Goat Society
- This organization registers all dairy goats, including Nigerian Dwarfs.


Belted Galloway Cattle
- Belted Galloway Cattle Website. This site has information about the Belted Galloway breed of cattle.