M.Sc. Chemical Engineer
P. O. Box 7777, Doha Qatar
Residence: 00974 4435482 Mobile:  00974 5092013 Office: 00974 4608604
Date of Birth:                13th March 1974
Father's Name:           Mirza Abdul Karim
Passport No.:               KC670687
N.I.D Card No:            35200-1558713-1
Job Experience:                                   + 8 Years
Presently working as Supervisor Bitumen Operations in Qatar Fuel Company since November 2006
Job Description & Experience:
Commissioning of ship to shore unit
Commissioning of Emulsion & Cutback plant
Commissioning of Polymer Modified Bitumen plant
Commissioning of Bitumen Storage tanksC
Commissioning of Thermal oil boilers
Unload bitumen from ships to onshore storage through ship to shore unloading unit
Manufacturing of polymer modified bitumen, emulsion and cutbacks
Distribution of bitumen and related products to customers through road tankers
Previous Job Experience:
Attock Refinery Limited, Morgah, Rawalpindi, Pakistan from  August 2000 to October 2006 worked as Engineer (Operations)
Erection & Installation:
Erection & installation of two new PMB reactors at ARL to increase production capacity
Installation of all the relevant piping
Installation of steam driven reciprocating pumps for new reactors
Initiate for New PMB storage tank (under construction stage)
Polymerized Modified Bitumen (PMB) Plant:
Commissioning & startup of PMB Plant in May 2003 as Incharge plant.
Production of multi grade polymerized modified bitumen at capacity 120 MT/Day
To ensure the supply of required chemicals for the production of PMB
60/70 grade or 40/50 grade bitumen, Dupont's Elvolay (Polymer), Phosphoric Acid 105% strength (Catalyst)
Optimization of PMB plant for smooth on spec production
Conversion of typical bitumen tank to PMB storage tank
Construction & installation of new independent PMB filling gantry
Installation of new lines for PMB from reactors to storage tank and to filling gantry
Operation Department:
Oil Movement operations in side the Refinery and Operations of Tank Farm Area
Preparing the budget of Oil Movement section
Optimization of Product slate in Refinery
Implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in Oil Movement section
Implementation of ISO-14001 Environmental Management System in section
Preparing Occupational Health and Safety (OH &  S) Management System OHSAS-18001 procedures for Oil Movement section
Handling and storage of Aviation fuel in the guideline of Joint Inspection Group (JIG)
Feasibility Study of different projects for off-site facilities
Preparation of ISO-9001 procedures for Utility Operation department, Oil Movement Department and Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant
Familiarization in concept of Operational Safety Program and Requirements
Involved in handling of distillation unit operation to keep products within specs like LPG, PMG, LWK, JP-I, JP-4, MTT, HSD, DFO, JBO, FFO, bitumen & solvent oil
Take part in start up & shutdown jobs of light and heavy crude distillation units
Installation and optimization of new burners at light distillation unit furnace
Handling of refinery flare & gas gathering system
Catalyst impregnation of UOP Merox kerosene, Naphtha-sweetening plants
Take part in shutdown & startup activities of reformer unit, optimization of additional new burners at reformer inter furnace
Experience of handling Distillation units on DCS as well as PLC system
Handle fire emergency successfully at Reformer heater
Utilities operations handling to provide instrument air, water & steam to refinery unit
Cooling towers operation
Chemical treatment of boiler feed water and correspondence with companies regarding water treatment
Contractor bid package format construction & justification
Despatch of multi grade Bitumen (60/70, 80/100, MC-70, RC-70, RC-250)
Technical Services Department:
Optimize dosing rate of Pour Point Depressant for furnace fuel oil and diesel fuel oil
Production planning for Refinery
Distillation Process simulations on Hysys.Process software
Chemical Engineering calculations on ESIsoftware
Designing and evaluation of vessels, heat exchangers
Pump evaluation, sizing and selection
Modification and Evaluation of Preheat Train Exchangers
Control valve sizing and selection for the required service
Evaluation of Water Wash Vessel as Standby Merox Naphtha Reactor
Evaluation of fire fighting system of Naphtha storage vessels
Refinery Economics and Gross Refinery Margin calculations
Modification and design evaluation of FFO storage tank drain vessel
Optimization of dosing rate of Octane booster chemicals for Premier Motor Gasoline
Crude and products pricing by using Platts on line software
Plant monitoring of all distillation units of refinery
Hydraulic calculations of the various piping systems inside the refinery
Daily Executive Summary having information of all refinery major activities
Daily strategic plan to ascertain product yields according to market trend / demand
Prepared number of excel based work sheets for the calculation of heat Exchanger duties, pressure drops, and Pump's NPSH
Coordination with quality control laboratory regarding Research and Development work
Heat exchanger profiles preparation
Job Experience:
Rupali Polyester Limited, Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Worked as Trainee Engineer at Polymer plant from Feb 2000 - Jul 2000
Study & observe handling & storage of pure teriphthalic acid (PTA) & ethylene glycol (EG), mixing procedure of PTA and EG.
Esterification & polymerization process of PTA & EG
Start up & shutdown activities of heaters and reciprocating blowers.
Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd. During stay, studied and observed the Urea Manufacturing Process (June 97 - July 97)
2001                    MS Chemical Engineering:        1st class with 71% aggregate from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
1999                   B.Sc Chemical Engineering:       1st class with 71% aggregate from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
1993                   F.Sc (Pre-Engineering):                Government College of Science, Lahore, Pakistan
Top position in 1st professional of B.Sc Chemical Engineering
Merit scholarship in 2nd professional of B.Sc Chemical Engineering
Standing 3rd in MS Chemical Engineering.
Microsoft Office
Introduction to ISO 9000
Fire Fighting Training
In-house training course on 'Awareness and Internal Auditing of OHSAS 18001:1999'
Saab Auto Tank Gauging commissioning, Installation and software training
Operators Training Course by Nalco ONDEO
Six Sigma Orientation
Polymerized Modified Bitumen
IELTS overall band score 6.0
Visual Basic 5.0
AutoCAD 2000
Pakistan Engineering Council, registration no. CHEM/4171
Interests: Swimming, table tennis, reading, movies, Internet browsing etc
References are  available on request