uIP PIC18F452 Port

uIP v0.9 Microchip™ PIC18F452 Port


First of all I built my development board which consists of PIC 18F452(running at 40MHz) microcontroller, Realtek 8019AS compatible ISA NIC board, HD44780 compatible LCD, Maxim DS75 I2C temperature sensor. It runs my port of Adam Dunkels' uIP v0.9 TCP/IP stack
and a simple webserver. This project is using operating system called Salvo. OS based programming has many advantages versus traditional superloop technic. I'm not able to serve to you salvo library(slp86lab.lib) that I use to develop project, because it's a commercial product. You have two solution to solve this problem. Either you can convert main program to traditional superloop technic or you can use freeware salvo library, for example "sfp86lab.lib". But freeware libraries allows only 3 tasks, so you must eliminate some tasks from my code, for example LCD tasks...

I didn't use default webserver which comes with uIP, because it grows code very much(almost 27Kb!). But PIC's ROM is limited. Instead of this I coded a simple webserver, with current configuration the total code length is 15,5Kb. When we compare this with PIC's ROM(32K), complete project consume only %47,8 ROM area.

Download project files from here.

and circuit schematic from here ( Orcad Capture format)


http://www.sics.se/~adam/uip/ Adam Dunkels' uIP TCP/IP Stack for Embedded Microcontrollers Website. This is the principal site for the original distribution of the uIP TCP/IP stack featured in the port above. You will also find links to the Contiki operating system, of which uIP is also a part.
http://www.pumpkininc.com Salvo Real-Time Operating System, you will find here freeware salvo version. Additionally you may buy Salvo if you want.


HITECH PICC18 Compiler website.

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