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what a week in the wwf the rock and Y2J won the wwf tag team championships and linda and vince are back together.a great week for the wwf with 4 titles coming back to the wwf on raw an they where the cruiserweight championship,wwf tagteam championsip,us championship and the european championship but the hardys lost the wcw championships on smackdown to the dudleys.i think that the match at survivor series is going to be shane vs vince but that is my opinion.i have not got any new pictures up this week for the simple  reason i have none just yet.thank you for visting my website and i hope you come back
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school from hell
every week i will pick my fave diva at that time and she will have the featured page on my site and this week it is the wwf women page and you can go to that by clicking above or going on the link at the side.