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        Until few years ago, hydroponics was only a curiosity for many people. Now, at the begining of the new Century, it is no more a curious thing an is vertiginously  expanding around the whole world. Nevertheless still there are fellows whom, from their poor vision and lack of knowledge, express their point of view resumed as "having on the earth so much available land, do we need hydroponics?". Of course, the amount of people thinking in that way is much less than few years before, But in anyway we aren't going to act as a modern Galileo. In this page we are not intenting to answer that nonsense opinion, facts will take care of it. Our intention is much more modest: we will try from here to produce some small interest to many people that is still out on this passionate subject.

        Together with some of the author's works in the area, we are inserting in this page some interesting links, and besides, some news and/or technological curiosities. A little bit of sane concepts and some personal opinions, always with certain logical point of view and common sense it will round the idea to implement.

         As a form to know the feelings of our readers, their comments, and criticism, always will be welcome. Please feel free to use the e-mail button to do it.

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C.R.Arano papers in this Congress 

1.- Microorganisms and their control in green fodder production

2.- Endive roots production using an hydroponic method

3.- CO2 enrichment in hydroponics

  Book: "Green Fodder and other soilless culture technique -- GF in Brazil --  CD: "The abc of Hydroponics"  --  Conductivity   pH measurement -- Vitarán ADS -- "La Red Hidropónica" --  International Congress in Mexico