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Hi, I am Car37 and this is my Dodge Dakota on the left, for more pics including the river crossing, click on the truck. I also belong to The Dakota Mailing List, there is alot of useful information for the Dodge Dakota and is worth a look. As the name of the site hints to, there is also a mailing list you can subscribe to and get ongoing questions, answers and opions, events and just talk of people and their Dakota. You can also take a look at my Dakota Profile for information about myself and my Dakota. On the right is of me and the Tractor/Trailer I drove when I took my trucking course with Browns in Trenton Ontario. I did most of my course in Belleville, Ontario.

I am running Seti@home and belong to the Nortel Networks Group.
I am running this on my 6100/60 AV Mac with a Newer Technology G3 210MHz upgrade.
It was taking about 20 hours to complete one unit, I have upgraded to v3.03 and this
has slowed me up to about 40-45 hours/unit.

Cellular Index Page for the information on Cantel / Rogers AT&T and Bell Mobility. This information includes Roam number, some feature information, SID (System Identification Numbers and other information.

I will be updating this web site properly someday and hopefully adding hobbies that
that interest me and presently involved with.

For comments or suggestion please email me or Sign My Guestbook.

These are some of my Favorite Links

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