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NAFPS: Sweat Lodge Death Articles

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Something to think about

Cool things I like:

On line Radio sites
Useful sites for finding out what the rest of the world knows.
These keep me sane while I'm living behind the Corporate Curtain!

Very Cool Alternative Web Sites:

Democracy Now
The Truth about the Stolen 2000 election

Make Them Accountable How to buy back our government - What did they know and when did they know it? ... etc.
Electronic Freedom Foundation How to fight back against the fascist wing of the Nuage.

Navajo Times Article Arvol Looking Horse's Proclamation on Protection of Native American Ceremonies

My Resumes

Artistic: Professional Dancer/Choreographer

Stuff I made with Adope Photoshop

Michigan/Northeastern Woodlands Graphics
Science Related Graphics
Physics Teaching Graphics

Cradelboard Lesson Plans I've created:

Non-Inertial Reference Frames - Respect for Cultural Diversity

The Fibonnaci Series: In Nature and in Native Languages as Counting Words

Quantum Mechanics - Ojibwemowin and Quantum Mechanics: Languages which describe Relationships

Chaos Theory and the Notion of the Great Mystery

Electricity and Magnetism - Fields and Forces:
Agents in Aanishinabek Creation Stories

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