Commando Man


Character Relation

-----Commando Man has the ability to make his appendages turn into sharp objects and dangerous weaponry. Fate is his great uncle. Fate is Commando Man's favorite family member because they are both violent. Sunyard and Medulla Oblongata are his cousins. Commando Man is tall and has camaflouge colored skin!
This relates to Commando Man because he has access to lots of weapons!

The Story Of Commando Man:
----- Far, far away, in a distant galaxy called the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula, lived a civilization of people. These people ranged from deadly assasins to very kind hearted bystanders. The galaxy was in turmoil due to the differential. The ruler, Fate, was doing a great job of destroying the galaxy!
----- "Hey Fate, hows it hanging?" asks Commando Man.
----- "Just fine I guess. I just took a look outside and saw that on of the horrible, miserable, people was sober. I am starting to think that I am not doing a good job of taking care of the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula."
----- "No, no Fate. You must understand that you can not destroy all the things in the galaxy, there is way too much. Just stick to making life misreable here on the streets of the galaxy."
----- "Okay, I will try, but why must my niece and nephew try to keep the galaxy clean?"
----- "I don't know sir, but if you'd like I can go destroy them and blame it on Zues."
----- "No, do not do that because they have an army of people waiting to kill us if we attakc. So my plan is to teleport into their castle and throw stun gernades at them. But these aren't regular stun gernades, but magical stun gernades that cause good people to turn evil!"
----- "Sounds very intriguing, lets do it tonight!" So Commando Man and Fate teleport to the castle where Sunyard and Medulla Oblongata live. They sneak around for awhile searching through their rooms. "C'mon, this way!"
----- "No, this way!" Fate argues! As they argue Medulla Oblongataawakes due to the commotion and sounds the alarm. Out of no where two large Orin dogs with massive teeth jump out and attack the two evil rulers! The dogs kill Fate but Commando Man transforms his arm into a bludgeon and beats both dogs senseless! Medulla Oblongata uses her intelligence to find a certain angle and pokes Commando Man in the enter of his eye blinding him from the right side. Sunyard then sneaks up and brakes a vase over his head knocking him dead, or so they thought.
----- Later that night Commando Man rises out of the garbage heath and scales the castle transforming his hands into suction cups! He arrives at Sunyards window where he transforms part of his hip into a ZMG Silencer. He proceeds to shoot Sunyard in the head as he puts the weapon back into his side replacing the missing body part. He scales higher to Medulla's room! He takes his hip out and turns it into a boomerang! He throws it what seems to be nothing but it hits a chandler on the return and knocks it down on the sleeping Medulla Oblongata, killing her! Commando Man then takes over ruling the galaxy because Fate had left it to him after his death!

The End.