Character Relation

-----Fate is the ruler of the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula. His father, Fatality, left Fate to rule the galaxy after his death. Fate was so power hungry that he killed his own father and now rules the land. Everyone he touches turns inside out and is eventually taken over by bacterial infection. He is the uncle of Medulla Oblongata and Sunyard. Also, he is the great uncle of Commando Man. He is a tall ugly man, which would explain why he was never married(Family Tree). His skin looks like it is burning and he is massively buff!
This relates to Fate because his power is like a touch of death!

The Story Of Fate:
-----Far, far away, in a distant galaxy called the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula, lived a civilization of people. These people range from deadly assassins to very kind hearted bystanders. The civilization was in chaos because of this differential. The ruler of the galaxy, Fatality, was in danger of death because of a serious case of Orin Typhoid. Fatality was a kind ruler but very strict. His wife, Feranidite, was pregnant with her third child. Their first two children, Timjack and Josefus, were two grown men with hearts of 10 year olds. They partied all the time and like to be around women, if you know what I mean. Fatality was now faced with a difficult decision. Knowing his death to come in the near future he had to leave the galaxy to one of his sons. Fatality does not want to leave the land to Timjack nor Josefus because of their traits, so he takes a chance and decides to leave the galaxy to be ruled by his son to be, Fate! And that’s where our story begins!
-----Three weeks later Fatality dies, and on the same day Fate is born! Fate is an ugly devilish looking creature who has a strange power! On the day of his birth his mother was found with her organs on the outside of her body and overtaken by the bacterial infection, Orin Typhoid. Only one witness was there when Feranidite died and it was Timjack. Timjack reported that Fate was laid on her mothers lap and suddenly Feranidite turned inside out and died almost instantly.

***18 years later***

-----“Go, clean out the dungeon for we need to make room,” Fate addresses his slave workers to empty the dead bodies out of the dungeon.
-----“Brother, you need to stop killing and come and party!” Timjack says.
-----“Yes, come with us.” Josefus declares.
-----“Non-sense! If you two continue to bother my ruling I will kill you both! Ruling the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula is a hard job, that is why father did not leave the galaxy for you two fools to rule!” Fate declares. Fate walks out of the kingdom’s castle and peers out into his galaxy. The galaxy is a dump with drunken men walking around. Only one area of the whole galaxy is nice and is where the majority of the population lives. It is where Medulla Oblongata and Sunyard, the sister and brother, that rule the area live.
-----“What are you looking at oh great uncle Fate sir?” Commando Man asks.
-----“That area of land! What are those two thinking? Why I never would have thought my niece and nephew could be so evil!”
-----“I say we destroy it and all that live there” Commando Man declares. “Yes! Lets make them pay for there harsh actions.”
-----“Yes, let us go now and conquer their land! They should never have messed with Fate!!!” The two evil souls make there way towards the land with evil intentions in mind!
-----“No, no stop!” yells a bystander as Fate and Commando Man reek havoc on the land. Sunyard and Medulla Oblongata watch as Fate touches pleaders turning them inside out! Commando Man uses his appendages to transform into military guns and cannons setting the land ablaze! The land burns to the core as Fate and Commando Man enjoy ever dying second killing hundreds including Tim Jack, Josefus, and Sunyard! Fate spots Medulla Oblongata running into the castle!
-----“Let’s go to the castle and finish off my niece before she causes more trouble!”
-----Medulla Oblongata is praying to Fatality to stop this madness as Fate and Commando Man enter the room!
-----“What do you think your doing?” Asks Fate!
-----“I, I, I was just...” Medulla Oblongata runs away as Fate and Commando Man chase after her!
-----“STOP!!!” yells a cunning voice! Fate, Commando Man, and Medulla Oblongata turn around to see a transparent ghostly figure standing in front of them! “Look what you have done to my galaxy! To think you are my son!”
-----“Who are you! What do you think your doing?” asks Fate.
-----“Fate, I am your Father.”
-----“Nonsense, my father is the coward Fatality who died 18 years ago of Orin Typhoid.” Fate says.
-----“I should have left the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula to Timjack and Josefus. I never imagined you to turn out like this! Where is your mother and brothers?” Fatality asks without knowing of their death.
-----“Ha, Ha, Ha! I killed them just like I will kill you...again!” Suddenly Fate puts his finger out and runs towards Fatality. Fatality disappears as Fatality runs into a wall breaking his finger! “My finger, no! My touch of death!” yells Fate. “Kill me! Kill me! I do not want to live without my power. Kill me!” Fate opens his eyes and his father, Medulla Oblongata, and Commando Man, are all gone. Fatality’s finger is no longer broken as he storms outside. To his surprise he sees Timjack and Josefus run by in there non sober state. Fate sees Sunyard bringing everything back to life and Medulla Oblongata teaching others. “But, but, your dead, your all dead!” Fate grabs a bystander and touches him but nothing happens. “What, but my powers, they’re gone!”
-----“Come and join us in peace and harmony!” Sunyard says.

The End.