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Character Relation:

Sunyard is the brother of Medulla Oblongata, nephew of Fate, and cousin of Commando Man. He possess the power to make bad things good. He once took a forest that was burned down and turned it into a beautiful meadow. He picks flowers and learns with Medulla Oblongata. He is very small with flowers for hair. He always seems to have flowers in his hands.
This relates to Sunyard because he likes flowers.

The Story of Sunyard:

----- Far, far away, in a distant galaxy called the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula, lived a civilization of people. These people range from deadly assassins to very kind hearted bystanders. The civilization was in chaos because of this differential. The ruler of the galaxy, Fate, was burning the galaxy to the ground, and that’s where our story begins!
----- “It is so hard teaching and cleaning up the land single handedly,” says Medulla Oblongata.
----- “I know but we must continue or the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula will be totally destroyed,” Sunyard declares as he takes a dead flower, picks it up, and watches it turn back to a living plant. “We must continue healing until everything is clean again.” Sunyard looks into the distant horizon and he admires a rainbow and butterflies circling around him. Sunyard begins to walk toward the center of the galaxy where the land is destroyed and Fate rules.
----- “Where are you going Sunyard?” Medulla Oblongata asks.
----- “To restore the land that once was,” Sunyard answers as the rainbow disappears.
----- Sunyard enters the disastrous area around the kingdom’s castle. He does not believe his eyes when he sees the drunken men and scummy land. Sunyard spots Fate and Commando Man killing bystanders and ruining the land. Sunyard begins to bring the land back to life when Fate spots Sunyard.
----- “Who in the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula do you think you are?” Fate declares an answer.
----- “I am Sunyard. I restore land and I am also the ruler of the not so scummy land over there!” Sunyard declares. “I am here to make this galaxy a better place for all!” Fate and Commando Man roll about on the ground laughing loudly at Sunyard.
----- “There is no way you can do it! I will let you try and not even attempt to stop you, and I bet you still can’t do it!” Fate says.
----- “Well, what are you willing to bet on it?” Sunyard asks.
----- “I will bet the whole Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula and my crown!” Fate says.
----- “Ok, your on!” Sunyard replies with confidence.
----- The next day Fate rolls out of bed to look out of his window. He sees Sunyard in the middle of a meadow with flowers, rainbows, and happy people standing all around.
----- “What the Outer Realms of the Inner Nebula is going on?” Fate asks.
----- “Sunyard was able to restore life and he is now the new ruler of the galaxy!” Commando Man answers as Sunyard enters the castle to speak to Fate.
----- “Fate, you have learned a valuable lesson today. The life that I have restored is a better way to live. I don’t want your crown or the land, so I hand it back over to you. I hope that you will keep this way of life and carry on!” Sunyard says as Fate stands in disbelief. Sunyard then turns around and leaves the castle as Fate is still astonished.
----- The next morning Sunyard is fixing breakfast when he smells a nasty aroma. He looks out the window and the galaxy has been restored to it’s scummy form. Sunyard sees Fate and Commando Man destroying the land once again, as he sighs and gets back into bed.

The End.