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22 > 11:02 (saturday) if i had a tumor i'd name it marla

i've got two final exams and a microphone
well, had two final exams.  i'm a little frightend to think what i got on my exams but i think the second one went better than the first one.  studying once i got back was pretty difficult to say the least.  before winter break i was in a set academic rhythm and was seemingly focused, after winter break i couldn't stay focused for more than five minutes or until i saw something shinny and got distracted.  such is life.  however now that i attempted to study for those exams i feel as though i might be getting back into the top notch effiency i was in at the peak of last semester and i should encourage myself to return to that level.  well maybe it wasn't top notch, but it was effective.

the arcade fire, dungen, camera obscura
i just recently aquired the arcade fire's last album, funeral... magnific.  i can see why pitchfork ranked it the best album of the year, its good stuff.  dungen, also good stuff.  but i'd say what i've been listening to the most lately is camera obscura's underachievers please try harder.  its mellow but pretty good.  initially the only songs i liked off of that album were suspended from class, keep it clean, and teenager but the rest of the songs have grown on me.  i have yet to aquire more music i missed out on last semester but fully intend to do so seeing how i'm in london with a computer, no money until the 31st, and nothing to do between now and the 28th.  side note: m83, aphex twin, m-ziq, death cab for cutie, the books, and the smashing pumpkins have also been on my play list, not that you care.
recent features & higlights
camera obsura:
underachievers please try harder
aphex twin:
selected ambient works 85-92
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*effective 01 feb 2005
16 > 10:58 (sunday) i don't know my elbow from my ass

pub a dub dub
after matt and i found a flash drive for my computer yesterday we went to the pub (the druid's head) to grab some food and a drink, then we went to another pub (the mill) to play some fooseball and grab a drink, then we went to another pub (the swan) to play some pool and darts and grab some drinks, then we went to another pub (weatherspoons) to meet up with some people and grab a drink, then we went to samir's kebab shop to get some chips, then we went to another pub (o'neil's) to meet up with chris and grab a drink, then we went to chick-o-land to get some chicken, then we went to the dorms to reunite with some people and have a few more drinks.  first drink: 4:00pm.  last drink: 1:00am.  9 hours on the piss.  thats probably not a record but its a personal best.
12 > 06:07 (wednesday) i don't know my elbow from my ass

sleeping patterns on the wall (gmt)
friday: 11:30am-10:30pm
saturday: 6:00am-10:00am
sunday: 12:30am-10:15am, 11:00pm-2:00am(mon)
monday: 3:30pm-2:00am
tuesday: 8:00pm-4:00am

but are you the master of your domain?
on the first of feburary 2005 i will be using the following as my primary email and url/domain addresses.
email: chairman_an@yahoo.co.uk
url: ._ www.oocities.org/chairman_an

undress for success
sadly mclusky has disbanded.  how will i ever fulfill my needs for welsh punk in the future?
08 > 05:29 (saturday) blessed and cursed

where else can you get pictures this good?

london: autumn 2004 pictures are in.

minneapolis to london

for the first time i had a direct flight from minneapolis to london.  my expirience with northwest was quite a memorable one for the following reasons...
1. my flight was over booked and the only reason i got on the flight was because someone else opted to give up their seat for undisclosed benefits offered to him/her by the airline
2. the dc10 i flew over in must have been one of the oldest dc10s in service meaning there weren't individual monitors on the back of each seat and even worse, no individual air vents above the seats.
3. my guitar and luggage wasn't put on the plane so when i got to london gatwick all i had was my laptop and what i was wearing
...the only positive thing about my trans-atlantic journey was the end of it, the train ride home, a journey i found a lot more enjoyable coming from gatwick than when i came from heathrow.

hold on i have to put my fangs in
so instead of trying to adjust to gmt i've done just the opposite, i slept the daylight away.  i went to sleep after i got home at 11:30am and woke up at 10:30pm.  now i'm awake when nobody else is.  you can just call me the count.  1 am ha ha ha ha, 2 am ha ha ha ha, 3 am ha ha ha ha.  i can keep this up all night.
03 > 16:03 (monday) so this is the new year

so this is the new year and i don't feel any different
this new year's eve was much like my new year's eves of the past, nobody knew what they were doing until new year's eve and then we scroundged up some half ass plans.  my night went a little like this (my intententions were to 1. see people i haven't gotten around to seeing yet, 2. have an enjoyable night without the initial intention of getting wankered, 3. hitting up a bar at some point, 4. ending up in a gathering like atmosphere -ranging from a gathering or 5 people to an all out party).
8:30pm - arrive at kt's new years eve party.
10:30pm - leave kt's new years eve party (which involved just three people at that point: kt, noemi, and myself).  the fondue just didn't do it for me.
11:00pm - arrive at kc's apartment to meet up with kc, jeremy, and ryan
11:15pm - arrive at champs bar in saint paul with the three previously mentioned participants
11:45pm - leave champs.  it was clearly not the place to be on new years eve considering how we made up one fifth of the people in there.
12:05pm - arrive at nikki's apartment in saint paul.  number of people there when we arrived: 4.
12:10pm - one person leaves.
01:20am - denario and donald arrive.  new number of particpants: 9.
03:45am - jeremy and i leave.
04:30am - i arrive at my house.
this wasn't my typical new year's eve in that i went to three places of residence and a bar, but it was my typical new year's eve in that i ended up at somebody's house and it was low key and chill. 

gateway god bless them
i got my notebook computer last week (which was quoted to arrive at my house on jan 14), whew.  what was all that one in a million talk?

pitchfork god bless them
pitchfork media came out with their top 50 albums of 2004.

my top five albums of winter break (no order)
interpol - antics
dcfc - transatlanticism
camera obscura - underachievers please try harder
the killers - hot fuss
franz ferdinand - franz ferdinand

people to see this winter break check list
heather anderson - check
kt boverhuis -
jeremy fischer -
ryan grotte - check
john hoversten -check
kc knack - check
ryan nestingen - check
sarah northouse - tuesday, jan 4th
noemi perez -
heather prenevost -
tim samuelson -

departure information
msp to lgw - jan 6th @ 6:50pm on northwest airlines