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General Biography
Alec Trevelyan was a 00 agent, one of James Bond's best friends.  They were sent to Russia together, to a chemical weapons facility called Arkangelsk, to blow the place up.  During the raid, Alec is captured and appears to be shot in the head.  Bond escapes but is haunted by guilt over Trevelyan's death. 

Nine years later, the Goldeneye satellite control is stolen and Bond, in the course of finding out who took it, finds out that not only is Alec still alive, he is the head of the criminal syndicate called Janus, so named for the scars that Alec bears on one side of his face from the explosion at Arkangelsk.  Bond is forced to stop Alec from carrying through with his plan to black out London and cause a major financial meltdown in return for the deaths of his Cossack Parents.  Alec Trevelyan ends up being dropped from a very high height and having a burning satellite transmitter drop onto him, presumably killing him.