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We are an informal group of people who gather together to socialize and practice English. We do not have a permanent place for meetings so usually we just go to a cafe or visit somebody's home. Some times we have outdoors activities such as picnics during summer, ski trips in winter time. In autumn and spring, when the seasons are changing we often go to the suburbs to visit beautiful palaces, that used to be tsar's residences. Sometimes we go the concerts, cinemas or museum exhibitions, which St.Petersburg is so famous for. So whatever your interests might be, we are sure that you would be able to find an activity fitting to your particular taste. And remember what they say: "use it or loose it". It is never more true, than about you ability to speak the language. The only way to achieve natural fluency is to open your mouth and speak it. We are small group so far, because we are just starting. But we are going to be big, so now is a good time to join us, while we on our way up.

We are mostly Russian people who meet regularly for English practice. We do not have age or any other restrictions for members willing to join us. So we have teaches, students, young professionals and even pensioners in our midst. Because our organization is nonprofit we don't have membership fee to join us. The only qualification needed is to be able speak some English. So if you feel yourself at least bit qualified you are the most welcome.

If you happened to be a native speaker of English and would like to visit St.Petersburg, but do not have anybody in the city to turn to or may be need another companion to make your stay there more fun you can enjoy our hospitality, meet our wonderful people and have a guided tour. So do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail mailto:englishclubspb@yahoo.com or by the phone in St.Petersburg (812) 430-4509.

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