Thanks for a great semester, everyone!
Just click on the links and you'll find some extra information about vocabulary and grammar points that will be on the test.
            But don't forget that the most imortant way to study is this:

- Review all of the lessons that we studied so far in Curt's Book.
- Review your notes (you took notes, didn't you?).
- Review all of the vocabulary words that we studied (they are the
   dark black (bold) words in our lessons).
- Practice asking and answering questions from the lessons that we
Easy.  Right?

     1) Vocabulary Words:
One (random) Two (days & months) Three (food)

2) Hello (page 3 in your book)

Meeting People (page 4)

Usually (pages 6 & 7)

Yes and No Questions (pages 13, 15 & 16)

He and She (pages 15 & 16) (extra - pages 27 & 28)

7) Comparing (pages 10, 11 & 12)

8) Clock Time (just check page 23)

9) Right Now (just check pages 35 & 36).

10) In At On (just check pages 25 & 26)

11) How often (just check page 14

12) Intensifiers (just check pages 19 & 20)

13) Countries (Countries page) (Link)

14) Whose [ 's ] (Whose page) (Link)
If you're wondering about your grades -- I'm not ready yet!
(But I will be very soon!)

I expect to enter some grades into the computer on Saturday (June 19)
I'll enter more on Sunday, and I should finish by Monday
(I hope)

If you have any questions or problems, remember to contact me as soon as possible,
so I have time to solve your problem.
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Links to Study Pages for FIRST HALF of the Semester