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First Class:

We just talked about the rules of the class and I gave you a list of English names to choose.

Two Handouts:
2) English Names
Second Class:
On this day we just practiced meeting new people and making conversation with someone new..

Two Handouts:
Hello Kitty (nice to meet you)
2) Talk to Everybody
Third Class:
On this day we talked about
adjectives.  We practiced comparing things with adjectives and we learned how to use emotive adjectives (ed/ing).

1) English is more exciting... (check this for vocabulary!)
2) 15 Emotions
(study sheet)
Fourth Class:
On this day we studied
future grammar (will/be going to).

Three handouts:
1) What'll you do, What are you gonna do? (page 1 & page 2)
2) The future
(just grammar)
3) Fortunetelling
(no link)
Fifth Class:
On this day we learned about
giving orders and directions (imperative grammar). 
We also learned how to give advice with
should & have to.
Finally, we learned a lot of
vocabulary about being sick.

Four handouts:
1) Don't worry, be happy
I don't feel well (Ow, Ow, Ow)
-- Vocabulary list --
3) Direction game
(no link)
What should I do? What do I have to do? (just grammar)
Extra Lesson!  What's Happening?
Sixth Class:
On this day, we studied
describing appearance and personality
We also learned how to talk about actions that are happening

Four handouts:
1) What does he look like?
(Extra study!)
What is he like?
Who does he look like?
4) What are they doing? 
(study page)
Seventh Class:
On this day, we studied how to talk about
We also studied the proper order of adjectives.

Four handouts:
1) Clothes! (part one) (part two) (part three)
2) What is he wearing?
(study page)
Midterm Exam!

October 20 - 24
Ninth Class:
On this day, we studied how to talk about
numbers and cost.  We also studied favorite and kind and talked about college life.

Four handouts:
1) Numbers     (Vocabulary)
2) Cost (no link)
Favorite / Kind     (Vocabulary)
4) University
(Vocabulary Only)
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