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21st Century Love


Women used to drop handkerchiefs as a way of getting mens attention. And men used to pick them up so they had an excuse to talk to women. That was at the beginning of the last century. A the beginning of century, its a completely different world!

Emales and e-females find love

It doesnt matter whether you have designer clothes or not, you dont have to have your hair done and you can meet people 24-7. Shy people or those who wish someone would take the time to get to know their personality welcome on-line love. But cyberspace can be a dangerous place. American teen Katie Tarbox was 13 when she met Mark in a chatroom. He said he was a 23-year-old student from California. Katie became used to confiding in Mark who pestered her to meet up with him. A few months later, she agreed to do it. Mark was a sex offender who attacked her.

Trust me

What if your true love used to turn up on time to meet you but now he/she doesnt. He/she acts strangely and you think he/she could be having an affair. Teresa Russo and her agency Check-a-Mate can help. For $500, they will test your true love. They meet your true love and try to chat him or her up. They start off by saying, With your great looks and personality, you must be going out with someone! 99% of the people say, No. Then the professional love cheat model will try to tempt the boyfriend/girlfriend to go further.

Temptation Island

Of course if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend want to test each others loyalty to each other, you could do what 4 couples did last year. They appeared on a show called Temptation Island. The couples were separated and mixed with other people who might be attractive to them. In the end, despite a few intimate kisses, all four couples stayed together.


CLUB went to Camden in London to see what British teens thought of cyberlove and Check-a-Mate Michael

If I didnt trust a girl, I wouldnt go out with her. I certainly wouldnt hire someone to chat her up. Thats a waste of money and a bit tacky.

Becky : A lot of people my age are already too jealous and intense with their boyfriends and girlfriends. Ive been out with some people for just a few weeks, then weve both said, Actually I like someone else.

Laura : Yes, I would hire a professional model to chat my boyfriend up! Id be really interested to know what he would do. I personally wouldnt go for online love but my sister did. It was a major drama. She emailed him, then phoned him, then ran off with him! Theyre still together after a year.

Sara : You hear too many scary stories about on-line dating. Anyway, Id want to go out with the person properly and get to him by talking. I know its a stereotype but I imagine a real geek when I think of dating on-line.

Tom : I know quite a few girls but if you are shy or live in an area where you dont know a lot of girls, e-mail dating would be a good thing to do. You dont have to marry them! You can just flirt a bit.

Rob : I suppose the Internet is quite a good way of getting to know the person before you meet her to go on a date. I use the phone more than email.