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The True Victim Of Racism - This is the face of the children whose kind has been hammered relentlessly in the culture wars waged against them in the west for decades. Their heritage— Western history and traditions— has been denigrated, their race linked to oppression and racism, and their consciousness, pride, and commitment demonized. The shallow-ness and egoism of modern life run counter to their values of dignity, discipline, and responsibility. In her country - They will become minority by2060 and in the Developed World, she will be a minority by 2080

British Indians DEMAND dual nationality - UK say's OK        4,000 British Muslims were trained at al-Qa'ida terror camps 'You're Muslim - you'll never be English'                             Muslim radicals in Britain issue 'holy war' warning                    Tim Robinson, 25 - stabbed seven times                         Kevin Jackson - farther-of-two stabbed to death                      Gavin Hopley -  teenager beaten to death                                      Ross Parker- Teenager beaten to death.                                        Too White - To be Victims Of HATECrimes                               Church Attacks in Bradford At least Six Church's have been attacked. All the churches are located in areas where the population is Muslim.Hear it
Muslim Thugs Force out Brownies A Brownie pack has been force to leave its Church By Muslim Gangs
Muslims in Night of Race Hate British Muslims taking part night in  night of race hate   
Victim tells of 'kill all whites' terror  Car Drivers Pulled from car when leaving Bonfire night celebration
                                        My allegiance is to Allah' - Muslim men from Britain have died in Afghanistan. "You should die for the cause of Allah.!!
Birmingham Islamic Capital
Birmingham  home of one of the largest number of Muslims in the country
Islam Religion of Peace?What the Koran has to say about murder 
                                              British Muslim Support Terror    FOUR out of every 10 British Muslims supported the 9/11 attack                                                   Three Britons charged with membership of banned group

Those who deny us, schools, organizations and everything necessary to Maintain Our English Culture, Our Nation and claim when ever we are numerous is proof of Racism. They themselves Promote and Legislate - Black Schools, Black Awards, Black Organizations, Black Favoritism, Black History, Black Government and Black Laws

From the BBC - England - Homepage we bring you BBC London - Your London  Where you are welcomed to the multicultural epicentre of Europe: 33 boroughs, seven million people, 300 languages and enough global cultures to experience a different part of the world every day. Here you will find information about 30 of London's minority groups. Guess who Missing?


Colours of London
London's faith communities are a "vibrant" part of the life of our city, click below to read more.
Islamic, Orthodox, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Sikh

Is This Genocide?1) Multi Culturalism is the extermination of a Culturally Distinct people and Nation. 2)The determined efforts of our Democratic government to forced the assimilation, diversification and immigration of foreign cultures on to the English people. 3)The relentless imposition of other cultures and ways of life, by way of the communications media, religious and educational institutions, governmental legislation and administration on the English Nation 4)The universal entry of alien standards and alien life, is changing the whole character of English life and English people, uprooting the English from the soil of their own native land and changing for ever the life of our people

Schools should teach 'white pride' - Education officials say schools should teach white children to be proud of their culture. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority says schools should strive to make white children proud of their culture. The Report say's white English culture has almost become a non-culture.


The Real Politically Incorrect Net Ring

The Real Politically Incorrect Net Ring exposes political correctness for the fraud that it is and advocates universal values of individual freedom, free speech, and equal rights for all.


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