A Society, dedicated to carousing and general merriment... (something like that anyway!)

Well the time has come. Will you, the largest membership of a society here at the University of Gloucestershire, allow the society to sink without trace or be a legacy that can grow for future students?

Despite our best attempts we cannot run the society without help so please come forward if you are interested.

We operate under the society rules of the UGSU abd so
if we do not identify people to take over the running of the society for next year (05/06) then we will have to close down.

We have had a very successful history so far given our short lifespan. We managed to blow away the competiton last year to win the UGSU society of the year award in our very first year! A massive achievement. So come on - make it last!

e-mail us if you are interested in joining or taking part in the organising of the Society - we will need a few volunteers to help us run things!!


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