English Spot
    The English spot is one of the oldest breeds of fancy rabbits.  Although nobody knows exactly where it came from, it is believed to have started with the common English or Butterfly Smut rabbit, and is thought to share ancestry with the Checkered Giant.  Which is understandable, they both have, cheek spots, butterflies, eye circles, colored ears, and herringbone.  The Checkered is just bigger with a different spot pattern.
     This inquisitive breed is known by it's markings, which are made up of a herringbone running down the spine, a butterfly on the nose, color on ears, cheek spots, eye circles, and of course the spots on the sides which gradually get larger in a long chain. 
   The English Spot is a full arched breed, meaning it shows an arch of back, and daylight under the stomach.  It is medium sized, five to eight pounds, and should in no way look like a meat rabbit.  They come in seven distinct colors: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gold, Gray, Lilac, and Tortoise.  Unrecognized colors are not allowed in the show ring. 
     The English Spot is an energetic breed, with a curiosity that can sometimes get them into trouble!  If you are looking for a rabbit that just sits in your lap all day, the English Spot is not for you!  They're like little kids, nothing amuses them for that long.  A very gentle Spot will sit in your lap to a point, but don't expect the lazy sort of rabbit.  If you get a Spot, you'll get constant amusement as they have to explore everything, and are very outgoing. 
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