Developing Listening Comprehension


Listening 1

  1. What advice did the doctor give his patient?

Don't listen to your own voice.


  1. Synonyms


1.      To ask the advice of                 consult 

2.      physician                                  doctor

3.      agitated                                    nervous

4.      each time                                  every time

5.      answered                                  replied


Listening 2


  1. Why is the boy such a good dancer?

'cause his father taught him all he knew.


  1. Synonyms


1.      well known                               famous

2.      introduced                                presented

3.      the show                                   recital

4.      certain                                      sure

5.      replied                                      answered



  1. antonyms


1.      unknown                                  famous

2.      learned                                     unlearned

3.      morning                                    evening

4.      enemy (opponent)                     friend

5.      worse                                       better

Listening 3


A.     How long did it take the couple to buy the car?

An hour


B.     Antonyms (opposites)


  1. sold                                          bought 
  2. closed                                      opened
  3. after                                         before 
  4. big                                            little, small
  5. old                                           new

Listening 4


  1. What was the stranger wearing?

     A heavy overcoat.

  1. Find antonyms


  1. nobody             everybody
  2. got on                           got off
  3. short                             tall
  4. dark                             blonde, light
  5. light                              heavy

Listening 5


  1. How did Jane spend the Christmas vacation?

She entertained visitors from out of town.


  1. Synonyms


  1. kinds                            sorts
  2. came to see                  visited
  3. two times                      twice
  4. relatives                        cousins, family member, relations
  5. one time                       once
  6. victory                          conquest, win

Listening 6


  1. what's going to happen to John?

He is going to be punished.


  1. Synonyms


  1. to enjoy himself to have fun
  2. tests                             examination
  3. receive                         get
  4. grades                          marks signs
  5. to get ready                  prepare make ready, set yourself

Listening 7


  1. Why did Robert want money?

He wanted to buy candy sweet


  1. Antonyms


  1. big                                little, small
  2. tomorrow                     yesterday
  3. rich                               poor
  4. young                           old
  5. bad                              good

Listening 8


  1. Why did the speaker want to borrow a coat and hat?

'cause he's proud.


  1. Find synonyms


  1. go by                                        pass
  2. almost                                      nearly
  3. a hundred years                        century
  4. people we don't know              strangers
  5. very poor                                 poverty


  1. find antonyms


  1. down below                             up there
  2. died                                          lived
  3. friends                                      strangers
  4. well dressed                             ragged
  5. wealthy                         poor, poverty
  6. proud                                       ashamed
  7. take off                         pot on, wear
  8. with in view                              out of sight
  9. smart                                        foolish
  10. kind                                          cruel

Listening 9


  1. Where is the passenger as he is writing a litter to his fiance?

In a train


  1. Find synonyms


  1. the person he is going to marry  fiance, bride-to-be
  2. difficult                                     hard
  3. understand                                            realize, comprehend
  4. a couple of days                                   a few days
  5. beautiful                                                lovely, good-looking, gorgeous

Listening 10


  1. What did the men see?

a happy group.


  1. Find antonyms


  1. slowly                           swiftly
  2. woman                         man
  3. walked away from        advanced toward
  4. sad                               happy, cheerful
  5. dying                      glowing gleaming


  1. find synonyms


  1. quickly                         swiftly
  2. walked                         advanced
  3. happy                           cheerful
  4. bright                            shining, glowing
  5. grandchildren                children's children

Listening 11


  1. Why didn't the ant give the grasshopper some grain?

'cause the grasshopper had not worked during the summer


  1. Find antonyms


  1. warm                            cold, frosty
  2. carelessly                      carefully
  3. a lot                              a little
  4. next                                          
  5. came closer                  moved away


Grain                      cereal, seed

Grasshopper                 plant-eating bug which leaps

Listening 12


  1. Why did Robert ring all the bells?

'cause he saw smoke


  1. Find synonyms


  1. going back                    returning
  2. saw                              noticed
  3. left                                got out
  4. swift                             fast, quick, without wasting any time
  5. persons                        lives
  6. prompt                         motivate

Listening 13


  1. What was the person doing?



  1. Find antonyms


  1. short                             long
  2. day                               night
  3. evening             morning
  4. without fear                  afraid
  5. keep                             change

Listening 14


  1. Why was the Mormon settlement at Salt Lake City a success?

'cause the leader ruled with skill and understanding.


  1. Find antonyms


  1. failure                           success
  2. end                               begin
  3. many                            few
  4. follower                        leader
  5. ignorance                      understanding


Developing Reading Comprehension


Reading 1

  1. Copy the sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

Reading offers people many pleasures.


  1. Copy the expression which can be used in place of living in this age:

Although he is alive today.


  1. Give synonyms for the following words from the passage:
  1. alone                            without friends
  2. entire                            all
  3. thousands of                 the most of, many
  4. wise                             clever, intelligent
  5. enjoy                            have fun, get pleasure from


  1. More words from the passage:


Reading 2


  1. Copy the sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

The language of television can be used well or badly.


  1. Give antonyms for the following words from the passage:


    1. most                 less, few, little
    2. a lot of              a little of
    3. reveal show         conceal hide
    4. truth verity           falsity
    5. aware of           unaware of


  1. More words from the passage:


Reading 3

A.     copy the sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

Eagles are always young.


B.     Give synonyms for the following words from the passage:


1.      legend                          story

2.      immediately                  at the same time

3.      turned into                    changed into

4.      for                                to

5.      reached                        get into

6.      hood                            cover

7.      took off                        stripped (one's cloths off)

8.      Lo!                               Behold (lo and behold Old English) see, look

9.      remarkable                   excellent

10.  thus                              therefore, so

11.  eagle                            type of large predatory bird

12.  sacred                          holy

13.  festivity             celebration

Reading 4


A.     copy the sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

The pilgrims established one of the first permanent English colonies settlements.


  1. B.  Give antonyms for the following words from the passage:


1.      first             last

2.      permanent              impermanent

3.      separate                 joint, combine

4.      finally                      firstly

5.      got permission        forbidden

6.      left                          right, arrived

7.      famous                   unknown, not famous

8.      arrived at                left to

9.      the same                 different

10.  died                        lived

Reading 5


A.     copy the sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

                        Paul Revere was almost captured arrested


B.     Give synonyms for the following words from the passage:


1.      almost                    nearly

2.      captured                 arrested

3.      managed to succeed

4.      escape                    running away

5.      succeeded              came through, reach a goal

6.      Shortcut                 cutoff,   bath of travel which shortens the journey.

7.      route                      path

8.      regular                    fixed, constant

Reading 6


A.     copy the sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

He wrote an account story in 1493.


The slightest possibility


B.     Give synonyms and antonyms from the passage

Synonym         antonyms

  1. carefully            cautiously         carelessly
  2. complete          finish                 incomplete
  3. marvelous         wonderful         awful
  4. account            story
  5. voyage             trip, journey
  6. wrapped           envelop            unwrapped, uncovered
  7. placed              put                   unplaced
  8. cloth                 rag, duster
  9. raging               be angry
  10. in the neighborhood of  somewhere near, approximately around



  1. waterproof       water- resistant fabric
  2. barrel               round container
  3. cruise               sailing
  4. parchment        goatskin scroll

Reading 7


The sentence which gives the main idea of the passage

            Magazines are very popular.


Synonyms from the passage


  1. find                               get
  2. everywhere                   in every place
  3. Terminal                       bus station, train station...
  4. pleasant                        genial, nice, comfortable
  5. leisure                           spare time, rest
  6. perhaps                        maybe, possibly
  7. demand                        claim, requirement, request
  8. a wealth of                    a lot of                                     
  9. exciting             thrilling, interesting
  10. variety                          diversity, kind, sort


Stationery = writing instruments

Drugstore = store that sells medicines

Beauty shop = beauty salon

Barbershop =   hair cutter's shop

Reading 8


The sentence which gives then main idea of the passage:

Electricity has many uses on a farm.


The word which does not belong in the group:

  1. milk, cream, egg, butter                        egg
  2. water pump, iron, toaster, sink toaster
  3. corn, peas, potatoes, fish                     fish
  4. beef, sausage, veal, pork                     sausage


Give synonyms and antonyms from the passage:


  1. many                            several, much
  2. different                        not the same
  3. works                           factory
  4. prevents                       cause not to happen, delay
  5. fresh                             invigorated newly arrived

Matching the words

Milk                        cow

Pump                       water

Saw                         wood

Shell                         corn

Operate                    tools

Reading 9


The sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

Seamen have special words for everything.



Give synonyms and antonyms from the passage:


  1. imagine             to think of
  2. foreign                          stranger
  3. dialect                          form of a language ( spoken in a certain area or by certain people)
  4. strange                         odd, foreign
  5. familiar             ordinary, well-known
  6. ashore                          to the shore
  7. ignoramus                     coarse ignorant perso

Reading 10


The sentence which gives the main idea of the passage:

It is better not to talk too much.


Choose the synonym for the first word:

  1. close: open, shut, carry
  2. furious: hungry, curious, angry
  3. wonderful: fine, surprising, amazing
  4. snatched: grabbed, snared, snitched
  5. escaped: picked up, flew away, scraped


Out of sight

At sight







Sentimental = emotional, tender

Serious * frivolous



Took out