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Atheist Page

quakehorror.gif (4535 bytes)This page is dedicated to all those people who will not submit to the beliefs of the old and will not follow those blind and empty promises that religion makes to their followers.*

*Note: If you feel offended by material that focuses on anti-religious information please do not continue reading.

As you might notice, I'm an Atheist,Antagonist,Humanist...and maybe all those other things that you want to call me. I don't intend to change your beliefs, and I can assure you that you will not make me a sheep of your doctrines, instead, if I can spark a little doubt in your head, and if because of that, you dare to put your "faith" in the spot light and question all of what you were fed with, you might (for the first time) become a thinker and finally be able to confront the FACT that there is no such thing as "GOD" or a"DEVIL" or even heaven or hell waiting for you when your time comes.

Some people make the assumption that an Atheist claims to have all the necessary knowledge to make the affirmation that there is no "god". The believer, on the other hand, claims to HAVE this knowledge of the existence of his/her "god", yet they lack the proof of such claims. In my case, I have had the opportunity to study different religions and all of them are missing a key element, the ability to corroborate through a scientific method (and be able to duplicate the experiment under controlled circumstances, etc.), the actual existence of their deity.

Sadly the best thing that they can come up with is:

1) It is in the bible....( duh!!) the bible is not even an original book.

2) I feel the spirit in my heart....

3) I hear his voice....(tell that to a doctor and you will go into heavy medication)

4) I had a dream/vision....

5) Those are the mysteries of "God", we can't hope to understand....

6) You have to have FAITH....( this last statement implies lack of proof!)

and so on. This is the behavior of a delusional mind (hearing voices, make-believe friends, etc.). In any case, YOU have no tangible proof of any "god".

Religion was needed when man first came to be on this earth in the process of evolution (not creation). When we became aware that there were some things (at the time with our non existing knowledge of science) we could not properly explain, that's when the forces of nature became gods, (lightning, Sun, Moon, etc.) and soon after, we began to wonder, what happens when we die...? Then, our imagination went wild, because we didn't want death to be the end, we wanted to keep on living on familiar grounds, and most of all, we didn't want to be alone.

With the evolution of science we have been able to put those myths of old to rest, but we, for some reason, do not want to let go of the "pacifier" that we call religion.

When we were kids our parents told us about Santa and also of the Boogieman , but as we grew up we learned that those where only children stories, (sorry if I just burst someone's bubble). Yet we are still attached to the same characters only with different labels, god and devil.

This is for all of you "Christians". Did you know that your religion was made of bits and pieces of Judaism, Greek, Roman, Sumerians and other such mythologies? The "Christians" took only what they considered suitable for their needs and purpose, made some adaptations, and then discard the rest. But then again, that is the nature of all religions, all of them say that "They have the TRUTH", but they forget that what was the "TRUTH" then, had to change to give way to the "NEW TRUTH" that religions keep changing when they add, or edit, or even re-interpret their sacred books, they are always careful to avoid the FACTS.

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Books and


Some of the books that you might be interested on will be listed on this page. I'll also include some of the stories that you will find in those books and if you made it this far, you my friend, have a good chance of breaking out of the old. I hope this information will start you on a path of discovery.

The Gospel of Philip

The Books of Enoch

The Secret Book of John (the apostle)

The Dead Sea Scrolls*

The Gospel of Thomas (the apostle)

The Book of Baruch

All Reference to Mesopotamian, Roman and Greek Mythology

All References to the Sumerians (Annunaki, Nibiru and E-DIN)*

Egyptian Mythology

The Epic of Gilgamesh

*(available on the links at the bottom of the page)

This are quotations from some of the already mentioned books:

From The Gospel of Philip:"Some said, "Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit." They are in error. They do not know what they are saying. When did a woman ever conceive by a woman?"

"And the Lord Would not have said "My father who is in heaven {MATT. 16:17} unless he had another father, but he would have said simply "My Father."

"Those who say that the Lord died first and then rose up are in error, for he rose up first and then he died."

From The Gospel of Thomas:"Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death. Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over ALL."

There are so many other books and as you might have notice, I prefer to call religions by their more suitable name " Myths", not to undermine the importance of the study of these myths. You will find that the Sumerians,Mesopotamian, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians will give you a great insight on the "creation" of Christian Myths.

The following links, might aid you on your research ( if you choose to do so). There is information about the Sumerians and also the Dead Sea Scrolls. The suggestion would be for you to follow the order of the pages for a better understanding, and if I might be of any help, E-mail me. My goal is NOT to change you into an Atheist, but to challenge your mind so you can follow your path, analyze the information and draw your own conclusions.

The Enemies The Alternative The Mysteries

Dead Sea Scrolls