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Animals - Cute wallpaper of animals from all over the world
Cities & Landmarks - views from around the world
Games - game related wallpaper, including screenshots
Nature & Scenery - Mother nature at it's best & worst. Sunsets, storms and more..
Others - wallpaper that doesn't fit into any of the catergories
Space - planets, eclipses & other space related wallpaper
Hello & welcome to my site. Here, you can find all sorts of FREE backgrounds & wallpaper for your pc, to enhance your desktop.

At the moment, the backgrounds available are split into 6 catergories. The links to which are just above. At any time, click the 'site home' logo to get back to this page.

Let me know what you think of my site.
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2. Right click the full sized picture & click on 'set as wallpaper'
3. That is all!
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Latest additions
23 Nov - Requests added
2 Nov
- Additions to the cities & nature catergories
1 Nov - 3 new additions to the animals page
Site Update
23 Nov - Thank for all of your background requests. I've been busy with my other sites lately, but I've added as many as I could. If your request isn't on here yet, check back soon.
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