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This ancient page here at geocities is... well... crap. Do yourself a favor and come back in a few weeks. Thank you. (posted January 23th, 2003)

Title: The Namekian Warrior
Artist: Linkin Park
Rating: 2/10
Well, how to start...My first video presents Piccolo's Life throughout DBZ in a fair way, beginning at the Raddisu-Saga and ending in the middle of the Buu's. (Can you imagine? Piccolo is my favorite character*g*) At the end, there are a few scenes with crappy timing, the rest of the vid is well timed.
Don't bother me, it's hard to combine the available clips with Piccolo's true state of mind.

Title: posionary
Artist: Alic Cooper
Song: Poison
Rating: 2/10
This vid's entirely about Vejita, showing important stations of his life. The beginning and ending is the FinalFlash, probably his greatest attack. I had to cut the song, because it went boring, so the vid is quite short.
Eventually, some people won't understand the ending, but...see yourself!

Title: CraterMakers
Artist: The Offspring
Song: The End of The Line
Rating: 3/10
CraterMakers contains various energy attacks (also the famous Kikoho) in likable clips. This may become my most popular vid, as it's perfect to play it in the background while surfing or chatting.
One word of warning: It has absolutely no deeper sense, but it still looks awesome!

Title: until it's over
Artist: Die Toten Hosen
Song: Pushed Again
Rating: 6/10
Here it goes. Another Vejita-Special I made for you. It plays on the struggle the saiyan prince had of not becoming the best warrior in universe and lacking under other's strenght.
The vid goes extremly well with the lyrics. I can't do it any better.
Note: I had to work far over a month on this one, thats really a long time, even for me^^.

Title: Against The Machine
Artist: Guano Apes
Song: Open Your Eyes
Rating: 4/10
The Intention for this one was to create a non-usual Video about the Trunks Special.
I do know, there are many vids already in the WWW, but this one may be one of the Top5, since it's viewed by Trunks sight of things. The high Rating plays on this aspect. DONT watch this vid, if you'Re a Fan of Trunks. You won't like the end.
Eventually I'll also tell you in an extra document, what I'd thought while producing it (even though I don't think anyone is truly interested in that^^''), a sort of Feedback, u know.
It's also my first vid created for my german Affilate. "check it out ya"

Oh, I forgot...: Play it LOUD!!!

Title: Always Koola
Artist: Die Ärzte
Song: Schunder
Rating: 3/5
After about three weeks of cutting and pasting, the Movie5&6 Vid is available. Some nice piece of work, friends say it should be given a 5/5. The Sound quali lacks again....I don't know why! So I will capture the sound again at more KBits. Next Week...
Feel free to donwload it, either.
Don't get angry on me for using a german song, so that you won't understand the lyrics, but it's the same as on japanese videos. Even without understanding the lyrics, the vid goes pretty well with the beat and the emotional aspect.
Give it a try.

Title: The DreamTeam
Artist: Blink 182
Song: Dysentery Gary
Rating: 8/10
Finally done. Well, this was logical...But it lasted a long time.
Friends say the gight against Raddisu is damn boring, so I improved something. Well, now it's more likebale to look at this fight, hu?
Main aspect was on the emotion.
Yeah, I know the Song was done by Chris Cole. But I chose a different theme!

Title: A Legendary Saiyajin
Artist: Iron Maiden
Song: Aces High
Rating: 8/10

And a big thanks to Spaceports! They deleted my account(s) because of the traffic amount. I'm one of these 114 members^^. Nice.

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