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August '06
September '06
    Have you ever wanted to know what those Investors were talking about on TV or other Websites without paying those Ridiculous prices for the information.  If they are making as much money as they say they are doing the business described in the infomercials, then why are they even bothering selling those programs?  The truth is that even though they very well may have had great success at what they were doing, they're making even more money selling those products to home viewers who may never even take advantageof the information the programs contain.
October '06
January '08
Mission Statement
    This site is dedicated to providing you with ALL of the information you'll find out through those $49.99+ programs.  I will provide you with this information completely FREE!
    So what's the catch?  There is no catch.  I spent over a year figuring out ON MY OWN how these programs work by asking questions, gathering information piece by piece, and then putting it all together.  So, I could do what the other guys are doing and Sale you this information for $49.99 or I could give it to you for FREE.  I'm a man of honor and even more so, I am a man of vision.  I often make claims that people don't believe.  One such claim is that there is absolutely no reason why anyone should live in poverty.  So, to prove this, roughly once a month (I AM doing this in my free time you know), I will release an article describing step-by-step what you have to do to make money Investing in Real Estate.  It doesn't matter if you dropped out of school at the 9th grade and/or 'flipping patties'.  If you can read and work a calculator, then you can follow these articles.

     So what else will you find on this site?  Besides the articles, you will find a link to my 3D modeling portfolio.  I edited for a game called Jedi Knight for 6+ years (actually, I still do).  You'll also find a blog of entries where I just ramble on about different topics and my opinion of how to fix the problems of the world.  I'm thinking about calling that section FWIW.  After all, my opinion only matters as much as For What It's Worth to you.  I'm a very down to Earth kind of guy and I combine common sense with logic to form my opinion AFTER extensive research.  I am not perfect, I make mistakes, and I am NOT always right.

     If anyone is reading this and would like to contribute to this site, please send an e-mail to my site address.  Help me correct my spelling, grammar, or errors of any kind.  Also send your opinion.  I don't care if it differs from mine or not, you may have found something that I overlooked!  It happends.  If you want, you can also donate $5 to help me upgrade this site so more people can be exposed to the information.  Why do I need donations you ask?  Arn't you following the advice you give in your articles?  Yes, I am following the same step-by-step outline I placed on this site.  It's taken me a year or so to research this stuff.  I'm going to start with articles covering stuff I've already done that get into the position to Invest in Real Estate.  Then I'll post articles on how to actually do it (and the different ways to do it).  The donations will be used strictly for upgrading this site or until I start 'making it in Real Estate'.  My blog will most likely give regular updates of exactly where I am in this system and the various obsticles I'm having to overcome.
Remote Business Group
I have started a company called Remote Business Group.  The company provides cost savings to other companies through its services.  To find out more about the company, you can visit the website by following the link below.
Remote Business Group Website
Associated Content Producer
As of January 2008, I have began producing articles for Associated Content in my spare time.  You can access my profile and article through the link below.
Associated Content Articles
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