Meet My Family
Age: Undisclosed
Occupation: Mommy, Homemaker, UK PCWCP Social Work Student
Something from my childhood:  "I don't have any brain cells left, my children have them all."
Age: 42
Occupation: Daddy, Head of Household, Culinary Genius, Something or Other at an Engineering Firm
Something from my childhood: "What is this stuff?"  "Its 'Daddy Soup'"
Age: 21
Occupation: Little Sister, Michael's Girlfriend, Photographer's Assistant,
Something or Other at UPS.
Something from my childhood: "We didn't draw on your doll...its make-up!"
Age: 20
Occupation: Little Sister, Poet,
Asbury Student and RA
Something from my childhood: "I'm going to kill myself!"  (said to terrorize babysitter while at the same time wielding butcher knife and chopping up the backs of dining room chairs) (Yes, its funny!)
Age: 19
Occupation: Little Brother, S&K Manager
Something from my childhood: "Oh Charlotte..." "Gox!"
Age: 17
Occupation: Little Brother, Mechanic of everything, McDonalds Manager
Something from my childhood: "Sam fixed the VCR"  "How, he's only two?!?"
Age: 14
Occupation: Baby sister, Babysitter, Aspiring Soloist,  Homeschooler
Something from my childhood (barely): "Who called the elephants?"
Age: 10
Occupation:  Baby brother, Super Hero, Homeschooler, Soccer Goalie
Something from my...well, I was 13 when he was born!: "Dadada...Its underwear boy!... Spiderman!... Superman!... Batman!... Bibleman!...etc.. man!..."