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Crossing Jordan:

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Hello, everyone. This is a brand new site, featuring original fan fiction, based on the brilliant, powerful and intriguing NBC series, "Crossing Jordan." This program came into its own during the first season and attracted an eager, interest-piqued audience.

Jill Hennessy, whom we enjoyed for three seasons on the award-winning series, "Law & Order" tears up the television screen as a driven young woman, with more than a bit of emotional baggage----her mother was murdered and Jordan Cavanaugh is determined to discover who the killer is---and has a gift for solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Jordan's father, Max Cavanaugh, played by veteran actor, Ken Howard, loves his daughter very much and worries that she tends to become totally absorbed in her work. This father/daughter relationship is tested from time to time, But Jordan really looks up to the man who raised her by himself.

Chief medical examiner, Dr. Garret Macy, portrayed by Jose Ferrer's actor son, Miguel Ferrer, is a serious and dour man, saddled with a problamatic teenage daughter and can be dark and brooding a great deal of the time. To me he seems jaded and tired----his job weighs heavily on his shoulders and he rarely smiles. In other words, he's no Dr. Quincy, but still, I know that he really cares about his work and his family.

Then we have two characters I have nicknamed "Heckle and Jeckle:" Earnes Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vigaryaraghowensatyonaryanamurthy and the wry, often sarcastic Brit, Dr. Nigel Townsend work together and appear to never lose their cool and succumb to despair or uneasiness, considering the work they do eight hours a day. "Bug" has a ridiculously long name, and fortunately, I am only writing it out once on this site. The actors' real names are Ravi Shapoor and Steve Valentine, respectively.

Young Ms Lily Lebowski is a fresh-faced grief counselor, a receptionist and "intake girl," an admirable list of duties, all of which she performs very well and professionally. She's smitten with Max, but her feelings are not shared by him. There's something sad and distant about Lily and I am really looking forward to writing stories about her. Lily is played by Kathryn Hahn.

Elaine Duchamps, portrayed by gifted actress Lorraine Toussaint, died in a recent episode of the series. She had come in contact by a rare and deadly virus. I was sorry to see this happen, but one of the better things about writing fan fictioon is that I can bring any character back to life again.

Jerry O'Connell has an on-again, off-again role as Woody Hoyt, an interesting character whom I would like to see more of on the show. Maybe the show's producers are reading this. Hmmm. As a young and eager detective, he adds some male sex appeal to counter Jill's appeal to male viewers.

So there's my introduction. I am posting my first story tomorrow when I have the bugs ironed out. I love this show. Seldom do any new television dramas even come close to piquing my interest and enthusiasm. It's magic and I feel privileged to be writing stories about the special characters and unique plotting.

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